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Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
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Collagen Powder

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Try the mighty good collagen everyone is raving about.

"I have been using this collagen for 8 months. I’m 38 and this has truly changed my complexion! It's worth every penny!"

Nutritionists will tell you they love Wellgard Collagen Powder for its many benefits, including being hydrolysed for better absorption and containing high levels of amino acids. 😍

What they mean is it...Uh oh, it works indeed. 😉

And it works so well you'll start singing, "I feeeeeeeeel good, I knew that I would, now. I feeeeeeeeel nice, like sugar and spice". 🎵

You see, it's true that there are many things in life you can't control. 🤷‍♀️

But Wellgard collagen powder is formulated to help you focus on things you CAN change. 💪

So you can live unapologetically free. Free to:

  • Embrace your sexiness. By keeping your skin hydrated and glowing like a youthful Adele. 💄
  • Pamper yourself. By keeping your hair & nails always on point. 💅
  • Be yourself and love yourself again. By staying healthy and caring for your joints. 💪
  • Cultivate good vibes. By keeping a healthy gut, because your gut health is connected to everything. Your immune system, mood, skin, and mental health. 🧠

Each 400g tub of our collagen powder will last you 31 days. 📅

And with our subscription plan you can say Ta ta to all those sticky notes all over the house reminding you when to buy more collagen. All you have to do is to select your delivery frequency (every 30, 60 or 90 days). 📦

Of course, you can always buy our collagen powder as a one-off purchase. But as a bonus when you subscribe, you save 15%. 💰

So If you're considering adding our Collagen powder to your wellness routine for at least three months, you'll end up saving £9 (You'll pay £50.97 instead of £59.97). 🍾

Might not sound that much, but £9 buys you a very decent bottle of Rosé, indeed. 🍷

★ For people looking for a collagen powder that does the job. And tastes and smells neutral, not like sink water and fish pee.

★ For people who know that consistency is everything. And this collagen powder in your fav hot or cold beverage every morning has your skin lookin RIGHT. Like your queen Cheryl.

★ For people who want to say NOOOO to bad hair days. And want to say YAASSSS to hair that feels stronger, healthier and softer than silk.

★ For people who know that collagen won't change their age in people or dog years. But know it will make your joints less stiff and achy.

★ For people who want to be able to have lovely long and strong nails that make you feel a bit more glam.Warning: Not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans. But suitable for Halal, Kosher and Keto diets.

Bovine collagen peptides powder.

Stir 2 tablespoons into a large cup of water, tea, coffee or juice or add to foods such as porridge, soups and smoothies.