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What Vitamins Should I Take With Collagen?
  Can you take collagen with other vitamins? Yes, you can take collagen safely with other vitamins. There has been no reports of any problems or side affects recorded with taking a collagen supplement alongside other vitamins. Do collagen supplements...
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What Do Probiotics Do For Women?
  What are probiotics? To put it simply, probiotics are live microorganisms that are already living in your gut. Not to be confused with prebiotics,  a lot of people presume that bacterial microorganisms are harmful to your health – but...
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Can I add collagen peptides to milk?
Can I mix collagen powder with milk? Yes, absolutely! Collagen peptides can mix with any kind of milk including cow, almond, goat, oak, raw, coconut — if it’s a liquid, it’ll dissolve beautifully!  What’s the best milk to mix my...
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