What Kills The Bacteria In BV?

What Kills The Bacteria In BV?

Bacterial Vaginosis, as you may know, is caused when the vaginal bacteria has been disrupted by ‘harmful’ bacteria that have led to an imbalance. The imbalance of bacteria, which could have been triggered by several factors, is what can cause the vagina to get an infection like BV or a yeast infection. BV can be difficult to treat in some cases as it is likely to return in people who do not focus on prevention as part of their follow-up treatment. If you were to seek medical advice from your doctor, to get treatment for your BV, then they are likely to prescribe you a course of antibiotics that will work to kill the ‘harmful’ bacteria that is causing your bacterial infection. A probiotic supplement can also work well to do the same thing; it can help eliminate ‘bad’ bacteria that could be contributing to our BV. 

How do you get rid of BV completely?

Now, this might not be something you want to find out, but unfortunately, you cannot always get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis completely. Well not with just oral medication or antibiotic gel on their own anyway! The only way you will have a chance against long-term BV is to ensure that your follow-up care and prevention are both a part of your treatment plan and for the long haul. A case of BV is usually treated, as you may know, with oral antibiotics and treatment gels or creams. These can be prescribed by a GP or sexual health clinic. Although to ensure that your BV is completely cleared up and stays gone once you have finished your treatment, you’ll want to make sure that you support your intimate health afterwards. One of the best ways of doing this is to take women's formulated probiotics regularly as the bacterial strains inside them can help keep the intimate bacteria stabilised, neutral and healthy. We have said several times on our blog; for you to ensure that your Bacterial Vaginosis stays away after it has been treated (antibiotics or using alternative means) you need to make sure that you are focusing on your follow-up care and prevention just as much if not more than your treatment. The likelihood of contracting BV again is highly likely, especially if you have contracted the infection unknowingly as it’s likely that you are unsure why and could be putting yourself in the same position right away once you've finished your treatment. That is why prevention is just as important; a daily probiotic supplement can be the additional support you need to ensure your BV is cleared up completely and does not become a recurring issue. 

Can you fix BV naturally?

If you are looking for a more natural approach to clearing up (or fixing) a very mild case of Bacterial Vaginosis, then you might need some suitable probiotics! Probiotic bacteria can live in certain foods as well as be found in oral supplements; both can help restore the balance of bacteria inside your vagina to ensure it is healthy again. If you can rebalance the bacteria inside your vaginal that might have got disrupted (causing  BV) then this can help improve the ‘state’ of your vaginal bacteria thus making it inhabitable for ‘harmful’ bacteria to thrive. It is ‘harmful’ bacteria that can be the reason for your Bacterial Vaginosis! There have been studies to support that the following natural ‘remedies can help restore balance to your vaginal bacteria, therefore, being helpful to clear up (fix) Bacterial Vaginosis naturally: 

  • Eating Yoghurt that is full of Lactobacillus bacteria may help treat BV
  • Probiotic supplements are various Lactobacilli strains that can help restore vaginal balance
  • Boric Acid can help restore your pH balance plus it has antiviral and antifungal properties

These are examples of natural treatments that could be very beneficial in regards to helping clear up Bacterial Vaginosis naturally. However, if your BV is a chronic or recurring problem, you might want to seek out a ‘stronger’ alternative medication that could be suitable to take alongside a probiotic (for long-term support and prevention).

Can I leave BV to clear up on its own?

It is believed that as many as one-third of cases of Bacterial Vaginosis can in face clear up on their own without the need for a doctor's visit or antibiotics. This means that treatments like oral antibiotics and antibacterial vaginal gels are not always needed to help kill the bacteria in BV that is causing your infection. Now, this might sound like a huge sigh of relief for many women who might find it difficult to speak to a doctor or GP about an intimate health concern they may have, like Bacterial Vaginosis, which is some good news. Although, if you do have symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis then you might still want to seek out some medical advice or at the very least some over-the-counter medication to help ease and clear up your symptoms. This is due to the risk you are increasing for your health in regards to contracting an STI during sexual intercourse. Whilst Bacterial Vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease or infection, having it can increase your chances of contracting an STI! Now that’s not all as it can also affect your pregnancy (if you have Bacterial Vaginosis whilst pregnant). Even though it is believed that a huge number of BV cases can clear up on their own, it is always advised to ensure that if you do have symptoms of BV, then you seek advice from a GP or pharmacist who can help you find the appropriate treatment; to ensure it does not cause you further problems. 

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