What Does A Vaginal Probiotic Do?

What Does A Vaginal Probiotic Do?

For all women, maintaining their intimate health is essential for their overall health and well-being; many problems can occur concerning poor intimate health. For instance, throughout a woman's life; it’s highly likely that she will, at some point, experience pH imbalances in her microbiome which can then lead to bacterial infections and discomfort amongst other issues. The best way to ensure that a woman’s chances of suffering from any intimately related health issues are significantly limited is to support their vaginal health by practising good hygiene, following a balanced diet and of course, taking vaginal probiotics is an option!  Women’s-formulated probiotics, which have been made especially to help women balance vaginal bacteria and flora in their microbiome, have become increasingly popular indecent time as they can be an effective method of ensuring a woman's intimate bacteria remains neutral. If a woman’s intimate bacteria is balanced, neutral and healthy then the risks of an unbalanced pH, contracting Bacterial Vaginosis and suffering from abdominal/gut-related pain are all significantly reduced! 

This blog post will take a deeper look into what exactly vaginal probiotics can do and the main benefits of taking vaginal probiotics in more detail as well as discuss which types of vaginal probiotics are considered the best.

What does taking a vaginal probiotic do?

When a woman begins taking a vaginal probiotic, many things are going to occur over some time. One of the primary functions of a vaginal probiotic after all is to help restore and maintain a healthy balance of intimate bacteria in the vaginal. Therefore, it makes sense that, that would be the first objective of a probiotic of this nature. These types of probiotics contain strains of live bacteria that are naturally found inside the vaginal microbiome; a common type of this bacteria is ‘lactobacilli’. This will help increase the population of healthy bacteria by reducing the growth of any ‘harmful’ bacteria; this will then support and rebalance intimate pH levels. Due to the ability of a vaginal probiotic in restoring and promoting a healthy vaginal environment, they can therefore reduce the risk of a woman's vaginal health being ‘prone’ to bacterial-related infections like BV, yeast infections or even urinary tract infections. We also mentioned before that vaginal probiotics can help reduce abdominal/gut-related pain and discomfort which could be linked to inflammation in the vaginal area which is another way vaginal probiotics can help improve a women's health and well-being! These types of probiotics have a strong list of benefits, but they will not work overnight…

How long does it take for probiotics to balance pH?

The time it can take for a vaginal probiotic to work does vary from woman to woman, largely depending on a range of different factors.  Some of those factors, that can affect the time it takes for a probiotic to work, are listed below: 

  1. The strains of bacteria in probiotic supplements can vary, therefore some may have different blends of live bacteria; therefore they will not all work the same or as ‘quickly’.
  2. Every woman's health is always different, some will need probiotics to work harder and some women might not necessarily need vaginal probiotics to do ‘as much’ based on their health.
  3. The severity of the imbalances (pH and bacteria) will also determine just how long it may take the probiotics to be able to rebalance any disruptions back to neutral. 

Generally speaking, most women can expect to see improvements in their pH levels anywhere between a few days to a few weeks; again depending on severity, their health and the strains of bacteria in their chosen vaginal probiotic supplements. However, it is important to remember that if there is a reason why your vaginal health is ‘suffering’ or declining then it’s important to address this by finding out what might be triggering the imbalances. It’s also strongly advised to speak to your doctor before starting new probiotics to ensure that it’s going to be right for you. Plus they can also help you identify what might be triggering your vaginal imbalances. 

Will probiotics get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis?

Now, vaginal probiotics can help to support a healthy vaginal microbiome as well as help to reduce the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis but it cannot be a guarantee to completely ‘get rid’ of a bacterial infection entirely on its own! Whilst a vaginal probiotic can work to rebalance ‘harmful’ bacteria, and pH levels and support the vaginal microbiome; it cannot be classified as a treatment for getting rid of BV entirely by itself. If you do think that you have BV, then it is very important to speak to your doctor right away to help you determine the best course of treatment; most likely oral antibiotics or antibiotic gels or creams that can be applied directly to your vagina. That being said, incorporating probiotics into your daily routine can help on the prevention side as they can help ensure the vaginal bacteria stays neutral and balanced thus limiting your chances of future bacterial infections. They can also play a role in keeping the vaginal bacteria supported and balanced over a long period. 

What probiotics are best for vaginal health?

Before we wrap up today’s blog we also wanted to share with you which strains of probiotic bacteria are believed to be the best for rebalancing vaginal health. The most commonly recommended strains of probiotics may include Lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus Acidophilus or Lactobacillus reuteri. These strains are thought to be very helpful for women looking to rebalance as well as maintain a healthy pH balance in their vaginas. When it comes to choosing the right vaginal probiotic supplement for you, it’s important to think about what strains are believed to be the best and keep an eye out for those in your supplements and even in some probiotic-rich foods! Yes, there are also foods that contain specific strains of bacteria; also suitable and helpful for maintaining a healthy vagina.

Be sure to scroll through our blog for more information on probiotic-rich foods as well as additional support and resources on vaginal probiotics; we’ve covered everything from dosage to benefits in great depth.