Does Omega-3 Make You Bigger?

Does Omega-3 Make You Bigger?

A common question that we see getting asked frequently online is whether or not certain supplements can help both with weight loss or weight gain as well as if there are any supplements with the ability to also improve muscle size and mass. Now, several naturally derived supplements are believed to be very helpful in terms of regulating the body's digestion which can, in turn, improve how we take, utilise and store nutrients from food; a process that can aid in weight loss. However, people are now just as curious to find a supplement that can help increase not just the size of their muscles but also their strength and motion. That’s where omega-3 supplements come into the discussion! Omega-3 is known to contain high levels of both EPA and DHA fatty acids are believed to be extremely beneficial for muscle growth and conditioning. To find out how and if there are any other benefits that omega-3 can offer for muscle growth and performance then we highly recommend you read on… 

Does omega-3 increase growth?

Can omega-3 increase muscle growth? The short answer here would, unfortunately, only be maybe! Even though fish oil is a rich source of both the essential omega-3 fatty acids, as discussed above, (EPA and DHA) more research into this study is needed to further support the belief that omega-3 can affect our muscle mass in the way we think it might. Omega-3 is a popular fish-based supplement that is regularly taken by many bodybuilders as they are known links behind taking the supplements to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) as well as believed to improve muscle strength and range of motion. Once again the reason why omega-3 cannot be completely supported as having the ability to increase muscle growth is due to the lack of scientific study to support these claims. Therefore, you might notice a benefit should you decide to take omega-3 supplements alongside regular strength workouts; in terms of recovery and performance although omega-3 (fish oil-based supplements) are not yet recognised as an absolute solution or aid to increasing muscle mass or size. 

Does fish oil help you get bigger?

Once again, this answer would have to be only a maybe; not a simple yes or no. This as you may now know is due to the limitations of inconclusive in-depth scientific studies that have been able to support these claims. There is nothing to say that taking high-quality omega-3 supplements regularly will not help improve your musical size or mass, however, there is no infinite proof (that can be backed up with science) to say that they can either! Therefore if you were looking to take omega-3 to guarantee a change in muscle mass, size or ability then you cannot always guarantee those results. That being said, there is also nothing to say that omega-3 could not help improve your performance if taken as part of a healthy diet on top of the regular strength-based exercise. 

How much omega-3 can I take for bodybuilding?

If you are interested in taking omega-3, for bodybuilding purposes, then you would need to be taking a considerable dosage of the fish supplement to receive the most (potential) benefits. It’s estimated that approximately 2,000 - 3,000 mg of omega-3 is recommended per day if you are intended to take omega-3 (fish supplements) for build-building purposes. The majority of fish oil-based capsules contain approximately 180 mg of EPA and a reduced amount of 120 mg of DHA therefore approx three supplements per day are recommended. Although if you want to get the ‘ideal’ amount of fatty acids for bodybuilding purposes then you might want to ensure you are taking 6mg per day; for athletic purposes. 

Does omega-3 increase body weight?

If your daily intake of omega-6 fatty acids is very high, then the ratio of the combined supplements could potentially cause weight gain as omega-6 supplements are not always necessary in your diet as many foods contain omega-6. Therefore consuming omega-6 could lead to unexpected weight gain as the body finds it difficult to regulate. However, on the flip side if you consume high levels of omega-3 fatty acids then it’s believed that this has the chance to decrease the risk of weight gain. Therefore, if you want to take both omega-6 and omega-3 for bodybuilding purposes then you will want to ensure your consumption is balanced.

Does omega-3 increase testosterone?

Not only are omega-3 supplements believed to help in terms of weight management and improving muscular mass but consuming high-quality omega-3 supplements is also linked to playing a pivotal role when it comes to increasing the levels of testosterone. A Biochemistry and Biophysics based study that was published back in 2016 argued that high levels of fish that contain EPA fatty acids have been linked to testosterone synthesis in males. In order words, if you are looking to take omega-3 (fish-based) supplements based on boosting testosterone, which could also help improve your workout performance as well as recovery then high-quality omega-3 supplements might be highly beneficial to add as part of your daily diet.

That’s it for another Wellgard blog post, we hope that you have not only enjoyed reading today’s blog but also found it very helpful if you are interested in taking omega-3 supplements. It’s important to remember that all naturally derived supplements do have a limit on what they can do for the body; they are not intended to be used for shortcuts or to perfume miracles. If improving your muscle mass or altering your weight (healthily) are your goals then supplements alone will not be enough. Diet, exercise and the possible inclusion of suitable supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals.