Are Mushroom Powders Effective?

Are Mushroom Powders Effective?

The effectiveness of various mushroom powders has long been a heavily debated topic, many individuals believe that they felt a positive difference (health-wise) when they took mushroom powers for a short-medium period. Some people didn't notice any or much improvement in their health based on their need for taking the powder. These findings mirror the scientific research and findings based on mushroom powders' effectiveness; conclusions are very limited and therefore ‘claims’ are not always fully supported by science. In those cases and with that understanding, mushroom powders are typically deemed ‘inconclusive’ to be accurately described as a definite source for improving health.

Whilst many varieties of mushroom powders are widely used around the world (for medicinal purposes) their effectiveness is always a topic of conversation. Just like a natural supplement, their research is usually under-studied and therefore not always deemed viable. However, that does not mean they dont have some abilities and benefits they can offer for our health and well-being! Mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Lions Maine and even Cordyceps are all believed to have significant benefits to our overall health and wellbeing; just their effectiveness is at times under-supported by science in favour of more traditional medicine. What's more, there is also much debate surrounding mushroom extract purity compared to mushroom powder as they are not the same! The ‘effectiveness’ of each source is believed to be different - so let's look at this further…

Mushroom Extracts:

Mushroom extracts are believed to be the most beneficial type of mushroom supplement form as they are ingestible (bioactive) once processed although would be required to be extracted to bring out their, believed, medicinal benefits. The extraction process gives us mushroom extracts; they are the end product of a sophisticated process that allows individuals to consume and scientists to study the benefits of the mushrooms. 

Mushroom Powders:

Whereas mushroom powders go through a different process (dried to ground) to become powder. The mushroom powder does not go through an extraction process, therefore, as a result, our bodies can have a more difficult time absorbing the nutrients from the powder. 

What’s the main difference between mushroom extracts and mushroom powder?

Just like we mentioned above, mushroom extracts are not the same as mushroom powder! They are processed differently and therefore can affect the overall ‘effectiveness’’ of the mushroom-based on the supplement form you consume. Mushroom extracts are, typically believed to be, the result of a multi-step process that results in breaking down their chemical compound. A process that is believed to not affect the purity or potency of the extract. This is one of the biggest differences compared to mushroom powders. Mushroom powder(s) goes through a completely different process; simple dehydration! The mushrooms are dehydrated to then ‘grind’ the raw remaining tissue of the mushroom into a powder. This powder would not be considered suitable to ingest as is and it is therefore advised to mix it into a beverage, use as a spice in cooking or combine it into a meal sparingly. Also referred to as a super blend powder.  Therefore to summarise, one of the biggest differences between mushroom extracts and powders is how their processes differ thus potentially affecting the purity and therefore effectiveness. 

Which is better mushroom extract or mushroom powder?

The process of preparing ‘medicinal’ mushrooms is not just the only thing that is said to be different! There is also quite a lot of online debate regarding the effectiveness of mushroom extracts compared to mushroom powders (based on their preparation process). Many people believe that the mushroom's purity and potency can be affected as a result of their preparation process - to become consumable extracts and powders…

Mushroom Extracts Vs Mushroom Powders:

Mushroom extracts are believed to be more concentrated with a higher percentage of essential compounds and nutrients. Therefore mushroom extracts are more likely to offer greater benefits than mushroom powders; that go through a dehydration process that can lower potency! The potency can be affected by external factors outside of the ‘preparation process’ as potency (and purity) can b affected by the parts of the mushroom that have been processed. The entire body of the mushroom may not be used during each separate process; therefore this could affect purity as well as potency due to the entire mushroom not being fully utilised. There would be high potency levels, typically, in the entire mushroom (fruit), but if not all of it is processed, it can cut the overall potency significantly. Therefore in some cases comparing the overall effectiveness based on potency can be an inaccurate variable. So, to clarify, if you are unsure whether or not to go for mushroom extracts or mushroom powders but want to ‘ensure’ optimal efficiency as well as purity and potency; then mushroom extracts might be more suitable! Always consult with your GP first to ensure your needs will be met with a suitable mushroom extract (supplement). 

How much mushroom powder per day?

If you decide against mushroom extracts, for whatever reasons, and would rather opt for a mushroom powdered supplement, then you have a few options. You can source mushroom powders (from reliable retailers) that can be mixed directly into a drink or food, but you’ll only need a maximum spoonful per serving. That equates to approximately 2 grams per day. Alternatively, you could source a mushroom complex (typically made from mushroom extracts) that is in capsule form and is believed to be able to better serve your health and well-being needs. Again, mushroom extracts are believed to be the most effective (due to potency, purity and how we process them) although you can still source mushroom powder, Chances are that your desired mushroom powder will be a super blend to ensure it can be broken down easier when consumed orally. 

We hope you are finding our blog posts on the topic of medicinal mushroom extracts and supplements engaging as well as informative! Mushroom powder extracts (supplements) are not for everyone, so always seek professional medical advice before you decide to include them in your daily diet; just to be safe. After reading today's blog, or any of our posts, if you still require additional support, you are welcome to send our team a DM on Instagram where we aim to get back to you as soon as possible!