Can I Get Rid Of BV By Taking Probiotics?

Can I Get Rid Of BV By Taking Probiotics?

A significant amount of research has been conducted through clinical studies and tests to evaluate the effect that probiotics can have against the symptoms of bacterial infections like BV or yeast infections. The consensus from these studies supports the belief that probiotics can be highly effective against the symptoms of BV and help treat as well as prevent bacterial infections. However, the type of probiotic is a variable that needs to be taken into consideration! There are combinations of probiotics that are more suitable and centred around balancing pH and intimate bacteria; based on the probiotic bacteria they are made with! That is what we shall explore first, in today's post, we will begin by looking at the most suitable probiotic strains to help treat BV… 

What probiotic strains help against BV? 

The most suitable probiotic supplement to help against bacterial infections will be a probiotic supplement with the following Lactobacillus strains: 

  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus - Restores normal flora
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Can help treat vaginal inflammation (BV)
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri - Support normal and healthy flora

  • Lactobacillus refers to a bacteria complex that is typically found in many suitable women's probiotics as they can be the most effective strains against Bacterial Vaginosis. These three bacteria strains can all combine to help neutralise ‘unfriendly’ bacteria that could be causing a build-up of ‘bad’ bacteria, thus increasing your risk of BV. Here at Wellgard, we have our unique probiotic supplement for women looking to support their intimate flora and maintain healthy vaginal bacteria & yeast levels. Our VITAFLORA has a microbe culture that includes various Lactobacillus strains, to aid in treating and preventing bacterial infections like BV. 

    Can probiotics worsen BV?

    Whilst there is still debate surrounding whether or not probiotics should be used on their own to treat BV, or as an aid for antibiotics, the findings have been in favour of probiotics. This is due to their proven prevention and treatment of BV as well as no adverse side effects being reported. Therefore, whilst some people still believe antibiotics are the best course of action, against BV, probiotics have been able to demonstrate their effectiveness as well as how safe they are. Suitable women's probiotics can be taken daily to help support a woman's pH, intimate flora and bacteria balance; a safe and reliable solution that is not known to worsen BV! 

    Does BV ever fully go away?

    Bacterial infections, such as Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast infections, tend to clear up on their own. However, many women require an antibiotic or probiotic supplement to help speed up recovery. If a woman decided to take a course of antibiotics to relieve symptoms of their bacterial infection then the antibiotics can help ensure their infection clears up quickly. Although, this does not guarantee that an infection, like Bacterial Vaginosis, does not come back! 

    A suitable women's probiotics supplement can also help support the vaginal bacteria, not just for a short period but long-term if the probiotic supplements are taken over a long period. The probiotic bacteria inside the supplements can provide a constant amount of ‘good’ bacteria that can help keep vaginal bacteria regulated and their pH balanced; limiting the chances of BV returning. Unfortunately, neither of the aids can stop a bacterial infection from breaking out again in the future! One of the most common reasons for an infection, like BV, to return in quick succession is due to the previous infection not fully being treated and therefore the ‘new’ symptoms that arise could be an indicator that the infection didn't clear up before. So, it could be not another infection but the same one returning. 

    To avoid this, and limit your chances of a future breakout there are things that you can do… 

    What helps BV stay away?

    One of our recent blog posts titled How Long Does It Take Probiotics To Work For Vaginal Health explored the importance of keeping your pH balanced as well as what you can do to keep it balanced to avoid odours and bacterial infections. We highly recommend you read that post though, as it lists ways to ensure you keep your pH balanced; which is linked to bacterial infections and overall vaginal health. If your pH and overall vaginal health are not balanced or healthy then a bacterial infection is your body's way of signalling to you that something is not right. In many cases, you may be unknowingly contributing or even creating intimate issues that lead to BV or a similar infection. It can be difficult to know what you are doing ‘wrong’ that is causing more ‘bad’ bacteria and infections; so below we have included a short list of things to remember if you do want to help BV stay away…

    • Wear breathable underwear that doesn't cause moisture build-up or sweating as these can prompt more ‘bad’ bacteria in your vaginal flora thus increasing the risk of BV.
    • Increase your daily Lactobacillus bacteria consumption, through probiotic supplements and Lacto-rich & high fibre foods to help with pH balance and replenish ‘good’ bacteria levels.
    • Avoid douching as this can disrupt your natural pH and offset vaginal bacteria increasing your risk of infections. If you already have BV, douching can even worsen symptoms! 

    Simple things like wearing breathable materials, avoiding scented intimate products and eating less high-fat or sugary foods can all help restore pH balance. Probiotics can then tackle any ‘bad’ bacteria and encourage the production of ‘good’ bacteria. In short, all of these things combined can work together to ensure that BV is less liking to reoccur again in the future! 

    Suppose you would like more support or advice on clearing up bacterial vaginosis, or similar infections. In that case, we have several posts on our Health Insiders Blog that you might find very useful. If you still have any further questions, then you can DM our experts on our Instagram who will assist you further.