Can I take probiotics without asking a doctor?

Can I take probiotics without asking a doctor?

Probiotics are safe for daily consumption for most people as they are considered a natural food source supplement, not a medicine. There are a few instances in which some people might not find probiotics suitable, if they have an underlying health condition or if they have certain allergies and probiotics could be a trigger. That is one of the reasons you might want to ensure that you are getting professional advice from your doctor or GP before you begin taking probiotics if you are unsure if they will be safe and suitable for you and your needs. It is advised that you speak to your doctor before taking any live culture supplement to ensure that they will be right for you although if you decide not to, probiotics are generally considered quite safe. The main reason why you are advised to talk to a doctor or GP beforehand is to make sure that your symptoms (if you are experiencing any) are not due to an underlying health condition. You might think a probiotic can help ease your stomach bloating and constipation, which it can, but it’s important to get the clarification that it’s your gut that needs support and that your symptoms are not trying to alert you of something else that needs your attention. 

Do doctors recommend probiotics?

A probiotic supplement is generally considered, within the medical field, to be more of a food supplement than a medicine therefore they are unlikely to advise you to spend all of your money on probiotics that may or may not be classified as effective enough. Whilst there is nothing to discredit the claims that probiotics can be highly beneficial for our gut and digestive health; there have been limited studies carried out on the supplements due to them not being a medicine. The lack of rigorous testing might be one of the reasons why probiotics are not always considered the first option for aiding in the natural recovery of things like our gut health or digestive system but there is evidence that does support how they can be effective! Therefore, whether or not a doctor recommended you take probiotics is likely to be based on their opinion of them and how they believe they will serve your health. If they think a suitable high-quality probiotic could help support your gut, they might recommend them. 

Is there any danger in taking probiotics without a GP consultation?

Now, as we have said, it is always best to be safe with any new supplement you decide to take. Although probiotics are a natural food supplement, the chances of anything bad happening are very low. You might experience a small number of side effects in the beginning, which can be normal, but after a few days have passed all side effects should ease off. Whilst there might not be any immediate danger in taking a probiotic without talking to your doctor or GP first, it’s better to get their advice on the matter first. This is just to make sure that they are not going to trigger any allergic reactions or impact any other medication that you are taking for a different reason. The last thing you would want is to be taking a course of medication to help treat an underlying health condition or illness and then to find out that your probiotics supplement might hinder how effective that medication can be or how quickly it can work. That is why taking a probiotic is not advised if you are already on medication for treating a pre-existing condition or illness even if probiotics are not common to affect more medication; there are still a few exceptions. This can all be quite confusing to work out and to be sure of on your own, which is another reason why getting advice from your GP is strongly advised. 

Can I decide if I want to begin taking probiotics?

Whilst we do recommend that you not decide to begin taking a probiotic supplement on your own, you can buy them without your doctor or GP recommending them to you first. They are a food supplement so whilst we stand firm on your seeking medical advice first, there is less risk involved than there could be if you were sourcing a medication or medicine without your GP’s input first. If you have a healthy gut and take your probiotics correctly (and safely) then you should not run into any issues taking a probiotic. 

How will I know which probiotics are best for me?

Probiotics are readily available to buy online from many online manufacturers and distributors. Here at Wellgard, we too have our range of probiotics that are shelf-stable yet still potent enough to help you rebalance your bacteria. If you do decide to begin taking probiotic supplements after you have been recommended or encouraged to do so by your GP then we’ve got you! If you decided to buy your supplements from us here are Wellgard, you can be sure that our probiotics have gone through extensive testing to ensure that each final product is both potent and effective. We have over 60+ quality assurance and quality control checkpoints where we monitor the quality of our probiotics under the required protocols through the entire production cycle. That way you know, you are getting the best supplement for your money! Our probiotics typically contain a combination of one of the most diverse yet suitable strains of bacteria and that is Lactobacilli Bacteria. You’ll want to keep an eye out for that type of bacteria and strains when you are looking for a probiotic for improving your overall gut health! 

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