Do Probiotics Make You Poop More?

Do Probiotics Make You Poop More?

If you are looking for a natural supplement that can help clear you out and unblock your bowel then you have stumbled upon an ideal solution to your problem. A probiotic supplement is natural and made with live, potent probiotic bacteria; that serve many benefits to the body. One of those benefits is that it can help keep you regular! Probiotics will make you poop, which is a good thing as a build-up inside the body can lead to a whole load of problems for your bowel and your overall gut and digestive health. Probiotics can help improve the frequency you go to the bathroom and make the passing a pain-free experience as they can reduce the size to avoid any problems with bowel pressure. The mission of the probiotic bacteria is to help improve your gut microbiome and this function can support the efforts of the probiotic in making your poop more regular. 

Why do probiotics make you poop so much?

The process of how probiotics can make you poop is relatively straightforward as the probiotic bacteria can help support a healthy gut by populating its microbiome with more essential bacteria. This bacteria can then help keep you regular and cleared out as it can push out any build-up of waste (trapped) inside the body. You might find yourself pooping quite frequently at the beginning of taking the supplement, which could be a sign that the probiotics are working to unblock a significant amount of build-up. 

Do probiotics clean you out?

Probiotics are a popular supplement to help with promoting good and healthy bowel movements. The bacteria, when ingested in supplement form, works through the body to your gut microbiome to help push any build-up of waste out of your system! In other words, the probiotic bacteria can flow into the gut microbiome which can then help the body push out your poop. That is how you could say, a probiotic is capable of cleaning you out as it can push out any build-up of waste out of the body that could be causing you abdominal pain, constipation or discomfort. 

Can probiotics block you up? 

It is not known or heard that probiotics block you up in any way or not at least for great lengths of time. When you first begin taking a new probiotics supplement, you might experience a few minor side effects that could do very similar. In the beginning, you can expect the following side effects that may or may not feel as though you are a little blocked up:

  • Temporary increase in gas
  • Stomach bloating 
  • Constipation 
  • Increase thirst 

Now, not everyone will experience side effects when they first begin taking a probiotic so if you do not experience anything then that is also normal. You can get side effects from all kinds of probiotics, it just depends on how your body reacts as to whether or not you feel any different. High-quality refrigerated, non-refrigerated and even shelf-stable probiotics can all potentially cause you to feel a little blocked up in the beginning when you first start taking them. Although, it is important to ensure that you make note of how long your side effects last as anything after a couple of days should not be ignored. You can speak to your Gp if your side effects persist for more than a few days. Although if you are taking a probiotic supplement to help with symptoms of a bad gut, then that might be where your discomfort or obstructions are coming from. However, if you are ever unsure seek some advice from your GP; your symptoms could be a signal of something else going on inside the body that you may be unaware of or it could just be that your gut needs more support than you initially thought. 

Is there a risk of getting IBS with probiotics?

Whilst probiotics are generally considered very safe for regular and daily use, there are a small number of times when they might not do as much good for the gut as you might like: especially if they are a potential part of a bowel obstruction or issue like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). But how can probiotics increase your potential risk of getting IBS or a similar bowel-related obstruction? Well, if you are taking too many probiotics too regularly for the body to process and send to the gut microbiome, then it could cause a build-up of bacteria. A gathering of probiotic bacteria is not always an issue for the body and it's also not very common, but it can occur. It happens when too many probiotic bacteria are all inside the body in one place; all the bacteria are piling into one area. That area, where the bacteria is staying could be causing a blockage internally! If it blocks the small intestine then it could affect your bowel movements this is also commonly referred to as SIBO. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth happens when abnormal increase in the overall bacteria population in the small intestine. It is advised that if you have any pre-existing bowel problems or SIBO, you get advice from your GP if you are considering probiotics to help with your symptoms of IBS. Yes, you read that right - probiotics can help relieve the symptoms of IBS as well as encourage healthy bacteria to turn over. Although if you are taking too much or if the body is not processing the bacteria (thus causing frequent blockages), your chances of getting IBS are increased. 

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