Do Probiotics Make You Taste Better?

Do Probiotics Make You Taste Better?

Probiotics are capable of supporting the body in many ways; they can help improve not just our gut health and digestive system, but they can also support our intimate health. Probiotic supplements, as you may know, are made up of live and stable ‘friendly’ bacteria that our body needs to ensure ‘unfriendly’ bacteria do not take over the body. If the balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria is not stable then that off balance could contribute to several health issues and concerns. Believe it or not, an imbalance is believed to also affect body odour, including vaginal odour. Whilst there is little to no study on whether or not probiotics affect the way that you taste, there is evidence to suggest that probiotics can be linked to intimate and body odour. 

This is what we aim to explore more in today's blog post; the effects probiotics can have on odour! If you are worried about your body or intimate odour then we hope that today's post can shed some light on how you may be able to help improve your smell or what you could be doing to hinder your odour… 

Can probiotics change the way you smell?

Arguably, one of the main functions of probiotics is to support healthy bacteria throughout the entire body, including the vagina. Their ability to support and supplement more ‘friendly’ bacteria into the body can prevent many infections that could affect how the body smells; especially from the intimate area. Probiotic supplements are known to support the body to help rebalance pH and bacteria levels to prevent or ease symptoms of vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. Therefore if intimate bacteria and pH can be supported and balanced then probiotics can be effective at reducing the risk of the intimate area smelling more acidic due to bad bacteria or an unbalanced pH. ‘

'Good’ bacteria have no smell but ‘bad’ bacteria can; which can contribute to how you smell. This includes not just your intimate scent, but also breathe and body odour as ‘bad’ bacteria is throughout the entire body. Too many bad bacteria inside the mouth can give you bad breath, which can be similar to intimate odour; a build-up of bad bacteria can increase your risk of bacterial infections and cause a more noticeable smell than before. 

Do probiotics make your vagina smell better?

As we discussed above, probiotics can reduce the risk of vaginal odour, as they help restore the vagina's normal pH. An imbalance can cause the vagina to have a more acidic or noticeable smell which you may want to change. Probiotics can increase the amount of ‘good’ bacteria in your vaginal flora thus neutralising any odour coming from ‘bad’ bacteria thriving inside the vagina's microbiome.

What is the best probiotic for feminine odour? 

Three strains of probiotic bacteria have been widely researched to establish their link with maintaining a healthy vaginal balance. These three strains of probiotic bacteria are Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Reuteri and Lactobacillus Acidophilus. You can find a combination of these strains of Lactobacillus present in many women’s probiotics as they can help balance natural pH, increasing ‘friendly’ bacteria in the body and reducing the risk of bacterial infections. 

If you are looking for a probiotic supplement to help support and maintain a healthy intimate bacterial and pH balance then we have our very own Gold Standard VITAFLORA probiotics supplements designed specially to help support a women's intimate flora and vaginal health. Our potent and high-quality supplements can help maintain healthy vaginal bacteria and yeast levels; to help reduce the risk of bacterial infections or prominent intimate odours. There are other means of balancing feminine odour if this is something that corners you and you would like to manage… 

How do you balance feminine odour?

You may have been sold on the belief that scented wipes, intimate sprays and fragranced soaps are all safe and advised to use on your intimate area if you are worried about any odour but these kinds of products aren't known to do much good for your intimate health at all. They might help ‘mask’ a scent or natural odour, but you should not feel as though it is something that needs to be covered up if you are not noticing any unpleasant odours. What's more, these products can end up affecting your natural pH level negatively, therefore using these could create an issue that was not one before! 

Here is a list of more ways, other than probiotics, you can help balance your feminine odour:

  • Wash your outer intimate area (vulva) gently with non-abrasive soap and water. 
  • Change underwear daily as well as after a workout or if you have been sweating excessively
  • Avoid too much junk food as too much sugar can affect your natural pH and lead to infections
  • Keep yourself hydrated as this will ensure passing urine smells neutral
  • Be gentle when wiping your intimate area as toilet paper can scratch your intimate area.

Intimate sprays and wipes are not guaranteed to help balance your pH levels, if they say they can, as the products themselves might be too abrasive for your intimate areas. A gentle, fragrance-free soap and some water are all you need to keep your intimate area clean. Keeping the area clean is the best way to support pH levels and therefore balance intimate odour. 

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