Does Omega-369 Help With Hair Growth?

Does Omega-369 Help With Hair Growth?

Everyone can find it difficult to grow their hair, especially when it turns out that the strength of their hair is also quite brittle as well as prone to breakage! In these scenarios, it can seem as though, growing your hair takes months if not years and it can. After a ‘bad’ hair cut you could be wishing for your hair to grow back out again as quickly as possible, but months later still no difference. You may even suffer from a hormonal-related imbalance or health condition that can cause hair thinning as well as slow down hair growth. However, there are supplements out there that, over time, can help you with your hair; not just with growth but also strength and overall health. Omega oils have been known to help nourish hair follicles; which is essential for hair growth as well as health! Omega-3 especially can be a great method for supplementing the body with essential fatty acids that can help restore and nourish hair follicles; for an improved rate of hair growth, strength and overall health. We know that omega-3 can be suitable for hair growth, but what about a triple omega; can a combined omega 369 supplement help with hair growth?..

Can a triple omega help with hair growth?

Whilst a combined omega 369 supplement might be a suitable method of boosting all the vital levels of omega oils that the body needs, to keep it functioning healthily, it’s not known as the ‘best’ type of omega supplement if you're intended to take it for hair growth. A triple omega complex can be a convenience supplement for those who want to take an ‘all-in-on’ omega supplement but it’s not going to be as beneficial for the body as an isolated omega oil. What's more, a triple omega supplement is not always necessary; as only omega-3 and omega-6 are essential to consume. The body can naturally produce omega-9 from various nutrients and food resources. Therefore, an isolated omega would be best if you are looking for an omega oil supplement to help with a specific reason, like hair growth. 

Which omega is best for hair growth?

A high quality, omega-3 supplement is believed to be the best for hair growth as it can help restore the hair follicle; keeping it nourished and healthy. This process of improving the hair follicle can help with improving the rate the hair can grow. In addition, omega-3 is believed to help improve and reduce hair loss, contributing to healthier and ‘more’ hair. You can either consume your essential source of omega-3 (fish oil) in supplement form or by eating the recommended amount of oily fish in your weekly diet (one-two portion a week), along with other omega-3-rich oils from nuts and seeds etc. Be sure to not over consume omega-3 by keeping your intake balanced and if you are taking supplements it’s highly advised to stick to the daily recommendation of between 250-500 milligrams. This is likely to equate to one - two supplement capsules a day but may vary depending on your chosen supplements. So, to clarify, if you are interested in the best omega for hair growth; that would be omega-3! It’s going to be much more effective, that a triple omega due to the higher contracted of omega-3 in an isolated fish oil supplement. 

How does omega-3 help improve our hair?

So, now that omega-3 is believed to be the best for hair growth, it’s time to find out how it works to improve our hair…

Omega-3 (whether in supplement form or consumed from oily fish directly) provides essential proteins and, of course, nutrients directly to the hair follicles as well as our skin. The direct source of nutrients to the hair follicles can help prevent ‘hair follicle inflammation’ which can affect hair growth and even prompt hair loss. So how does omega-3 come into this? Well, the nutrients and proteins found inside omega-3 (fish oil) can help promote healthy circulation in the scalp that not only treats inflammation responsible for hair loss but can also trigger hair growth! 

Does omega-3 help our hair grow quicker?

The short answer here, once again, is yes but it’s not going to be an instant process. Even though omega-3 can help stimulate healthy hair follicle health (for hair growth), it does not mean it will work overnight or instantly. So, if you do begin taking omega-3 supplements or improving your diet to consume more foods rich in omega-3, you may still need to wait until improvements are noticeable. Hair growth can be difficult to notice for weeks if not months, but if you are regular with your omega-3 intake and it’s balanced, then improvements should occur. However, over-consuming omega-3 for ‘quicker results’ is not healthy, safe or advised what's more it’s not linked to quicker benefits! Taking too much omega-3 regularly is not good for your blood sugar levels or inflammation; so please avoid this and be patient. 

How long does it take omega-3 to work for hair growth?

Whilst there is no definitive answer on how long omega-3 can take to work for hair growth you can expect to incur a wait; even with the ‘best’ quality omega-3 supplement or foods - results will not be instant! You may begin noticing an improvement in your hair growth after three months or a few months later. However, you should be able to notice a difference in your follicle and overall hair health (including growth, length and strength) within six months

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