How Do You Feel After Taking Reishi?

How Do You Feel After Taking Reishi?

Now that we know what benefits reishi mushroom extracts (supplements) can have for our body, including our brain health, it’s time to delve into what you can expect to feel or notice if you begin taking the extract. There are a few ways you can take reishi extract; as it is or as a powdered supplement. Both methods (of consumption) have limited studies on the effects on the body; especially long-term! The general rule for those considering medicinal mushrooms for the first time is to get advice from your GP beforehand to see if medicinal mushrooms like Maitake, Reishi or any others will be suitable for you and your needs. They will be able to advise you on a suitable path as well as maybe have additional advice on the best way for you to include a suitable mushroom into your diet! Reishi mushroom extract is believed to be quite safe, although extensive reach on the side effects is still very limited. Both powdered reishi mushrooms and (unprocessed) reishi mushrooms should be taken with care, like we said, the side effects on long-term health have not been widely studied. Like any medicinal mushroom, you should always proceed with caution, ensure it’s right for you and that your GP or doctor agrees. 

What are the side effects of medicinal mushroom supplements?

If you do decide to begin taking any medicinal mushroom extract or supplement, it's important to make sure that you are aware of the dosage as well as how long you are advised to take them. You may not want to take medicinal mushrooms for long periods for several reasons. The main reasons relating to under-researched side effects, changes to effectiveness and limitations. Some studies suggest that over-consuming mushroom extracts show little to no side effects but it’s always important to listen to your body and respond appropriately. 

Taking reishi mushroom extract is generally considered to be safe but it does not come without several potential side effects that could occur with long-term or unnecessary consumption of the extract. Below we have included a list of potential risks that could be associated with reishi mushrooms; primarily relating to how they might not be the most suitable for people with pre-existing conditions or illnesses. Reishi mushroom side effects can include, 

  • Dry mouth, rashes, upset stomach, diarrhoea, headache, nosebleed and dizziness
  • High doses could increase bleeding risk in people with bleeding disorders like low blood platelet count.
  • Potentially affect blood pressure - lowering it ‘too much’ in people with (pre-existing) - low blood pressure. 
  • Reishi before or after surgery could increase the risk of bleeding
  • Powered reishi mushrooms can potentially cause inflammation to the liver (uncommon) but still a potential side effect/ risk.

Therefore it’s always advised to be mindful and should begin thinking about any new supplement and always seek medical advice to ensure that your new intended supplement (reishi mushroom extract) will be suitable for you and your needs! 

Can mushroom supplements make you dizzy?

When you consume reishi mushroom extract it is generally considered safe for regular consumption but might not always be a suitable supplement to take long-term. Powdered reishi mushrooms are typically only advised for short-medium term use (usually around 4-6 months) for the mushroom to remain effective. Taking the extract longer or in excess might not cause any side effects but also may not do anything for your health either. Reishi mushrooms (as they are) are believed to cause dizziness in some cases therefore being safe is always advised. The safest way to consume mushrooms, like reishi, is to do so in supplement form as this can help you control dosage and purity as well as consumption.

Can you take reishi every day?

If you are planning on taking reishi extract every day for a long period then it’s still advised that you pay close attention to your body and how it may react to the extract. In many cases, when it comes to natural supplements, you can work off your internal cues as to whether or not something is working for you and whilst reishi extracts might work for some they may not for others. Should you begin to experience any side effects persistently (not just when you first begin taking reishi) then you might want to consult with a GP or doctor immediately! The reaction is likely unrelated or a very mild reaction but the best way to find out is to seek medical advice.

How safe is reishi mushroom extract?

If you are ever taking any natural supplement (whether it be mushroom extracts or something else) and begin to feel unlike yourself then seek medical advice. It might be an allergy to the supplement or extract itself, or a result of mixing a supplement with other medication. That's why it’s always advised to be safe and take caution with any/ all supplements even natural ones that can affect blood pressure or treatment for more severe health conditions. The believed health benefits of reishi are still under-supported (scientifically) therefore it’s likely to be only advised should you have a real need for the extract otherwise you may be advised to try an alternative supplement. That being said reishi is still believed to be safe for most people but with a few expectations!

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding women
  • People with low blood pressure (or bleeding disorders) 
  • Those who have recently or are expecting to undergo surgery 
  • People who take medication for blood clotting or chemotherapy drugs

All those that fall without any of the above categories should either avoid reishi mushrooms altogether or seek professional medical advice before they consider adding the supplement or mushroom to their daily diet. Even though reishi mushroom extract is ‘natural’ it may still intercept the effectiveness of medications or affect pre-existing health conditions therefore getting professional medical advice is always the safest thing to do! 

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