Does A Triple Omega-369 Work?

Does A Triple Omega-369 Work?

Here on the Health Insiders Blog, we briefly touched upon the combined omega-369 supplement in one of our recent blog posts. We looked at whether or not it was effective or just convenient. Many individuals think that a combined omega supplement is the best way to get all the essential fatty acids and nutrients they need from just one handy capsule. Although, taking a combination omega-369 supplement does not ensure that it’s going to be enough for the body to use as well as even necessary. You do not always need to take omega-6 and omega-9 supplements for different reasons. Omega-6 is essential but naturally occurs in many foods likely to be part of your daily diet. Whereas omega-9 can be made inside the body and is therefore not essential to take in supplement form as it too can be found in various foods like vegetable oils and nuts (similarly to omega-6). Whilst you can still take a combined omega-369 supplement it’s not likely to provide enough of the essential fatty acids that the body needs to keep the heart, brain and immune system continuously supported. Although, a combined omega369 supplement and a healthy balanced diet rich in various natural omega foods might be a suitable top-up; to ensure fatty acids are consumed and balanced…

What is an omega-369 supplement? 

Essentially an omega-369 supplement is exactly what it sounds like; a supplement or capsule that is said to provide a source of all three of the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Whilst they might not always be considered essential or the most suitable, they are still popular amongst people who want to ensure they are keeping their omega intake consistent. A triple omega supplement can be added as part of a healthy diet to ensure you are getting enough omega-3, especially although an omega-3 fish oil supplement might be better. Omega-6 and omega-9 are much easier to get inside the body for most people, therefore an omega-3 supplement might be more important to consume if not coming from your daily diet of two portions of oily fish per week.

Does a combined omega-369 supplement work?

Science suggests that they can provide some nutritional benefit to the body when taken safely and correctly as part of a balanced diet. However, they are not always considered the most effective or deemed completely necessary in most cases. This is likely due to omega-3 being the most important to focus on supplementing into the body (via your diet or fish oil capsules) and omega-6 & omega-9 are both common to preexist in your diet. So to clarify, a triple omega capsule is believed to be a good supplement to take for a combined amount of omega, although it might not be completely necessary for the above reasons. However, omega-3 supplements are very important if you are finding that your diet lacks omega-3 from natural food sources like oily fish or various nuts and seeds. 

What is in a triple omega supplement?

The specific ingredients and oils that you find in a combination or triple omega supplement may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer as they might opt for different ingredients to make up the omega-369 combination. A triple omega supplement will likely include a combination of the following ingredients and oils to ensure that they are still packed with a generous amount of essential fatty acids. You can expect to see the following inside a triple omega supplement:

  • A blend of fish, starflower and flaxseed oils; that provides a source of omega-3, 6 and 9 collectively. 

Fish oil for omega-3 and various vegetable, nut or seed oils to provide a suitable source of omega-6 and omega-9! The exact vegetable, nut or seed oils might differ but a triple omega supplement is likely to always include fish oil; unless the supplement is made to be vegan or vegetarian-friendly. 

Can you get a vegan, triple omega supplement blend? 

Yes, you can! Here at Wellgard, we have formulated our very own Vegan Omega-369 Capsules that are 100% natural plant derived; to help support the normal function of the brain, heart and eyes. We have substituted the fish oil with a plant-derived alternative that is believed to be a suitable supplement for supporting brain and heart health; made from cold-pressed flaxseed and is rich in Vitamin E! So, if you do follow a diet that resits you from fish (traditional omega-3) than a high-quality Vegan blend might be a great addition to your daily diet. The body still needs all of those essential fatty acids after all! 

Is it safe to take a combined omega-369 supplement every day?

Many types of readily available triple omega capsules are likely to be safe for daily consumption and might even require you to take more than one capsule per day to ensure that you are getting the right amount of omega into your daily diet. 

Should I take an omega-369 supplement in the morning or evening? 

Again, there is not much debate on whether or not you need to take a triple omega supplement at night or first thing in the morning; it's based on preference for many individuals. Some people like to take it earlier in the day so they do not forget to take it during the day, whereas others prefer to take their daily vitamins at night after eating the final meal for the day. Although, it is preferred that you take any capsules, of this nature or similar, with a meal. Therefore later in the day with your lunch or dinner might be better for digestion and encourage the capsule to work ‘quicker’. 

We hope you have found all of our omega-3,6 and 9 content helpful. Should you need further assistance you can check out our Health Insider Blog where we have covered the subject in great depth. Alternatively, you can also send us a DM on Instagram and we will help with any questions you may need further clarity on.