How Many Probiotics Should I Take A Day For BV?

How Many Probiotics Should I Take A Day For BV?

Suppose you are looking for a natural way to clear up a bacterial infection like BV. In that case, you might be surprised to learn that probiotics can be very effective in treating and preventing bacterial infections like Bacterial Vaginosis. However, it is important that you only take one capsule daily to ensure that your body can fully utilise the probiotic bacteria; to naturalise ‘bad’ bacteria that might be disrupting your intimate health. One high-quality probiotic supplement is all you need and if you are looking for probiotics to treat or prevent BV then it’s worth making sure that your chosen supplement has various Lactobacillus strains. Keep an eye out for a women's probiotic with a Microbe Culture containing: 

  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus or Lactobacillus Reuteri 

A probiotic supplement made especially for women will likely have a combination of the necessary bacteria to help rebalance the body's pH and neutralise any bacteria disruptions that could be linked to Bacterial Vaginosis. It is important to only take the recommended amount of probiotic supplements a day even when clearing up BV… 

How many probiotics a day to clear up BV? 

A probiotic supplement that is Lactobacillus-based is the best type of probiotic for treating bacterial vaginosis and reducing the risk of future infections when taken long-term. Now, whilst there are no known dangers or set dosages for probiotics, adults should start with a probiotic supplement with at least 1 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). Here at Wellgard our Vitaflora Probiotic for Women has a 20 billion CFU and only one a day is needed for our probiotic to help support and maintain healthy intimate bacteria levels! Whilst it is unlikely to have any serious side effects to overdosing on probiotics (for instance taking two capsules a day) it is still not advised to exceed the recommendation on your probiotic packaging; typically just one capsule daily. This is the same if you are taking a probiotic for gut health or specifically BV; only one high-quality capsule with a minimum of 1 billion CFU is all you need. Here’s why:

  • Your daily diet could be high in fibrous foods and beverages as well as probiotic and prebiotic foods which will also contribute to the number of probiotic bacteria inside the body.
  • The body breaks down live bacteria constantly so too much might cause slight stomach upset and overdosing does not ensure ‘results’ are any quicker. 
  • Taking more probiotics supplements, regularly, than needed can end up being very pricy! 

Therefore, that is why it is advised to take only one probiotic supplement a day whether your intended use is prioritised for supporting gut health or intimate health; to clear up BV. 

Can probiotics alone cure BV? 

Whilst some medical professionals might advise a more severe or chronic outbreak of BV to be treated with antibiotic capsules or vaginal gels; they are not the only means of curing BV! Probiotic supplements, as you know, contain live bacteria that can help restore balance to your vaginal and intimate bacteria. Probiotics are a safe supplement that can be taken daily with little to no known severe side effects only a small chance of minor stomach upset when you first begin taking them; which is normal for any new supplement or vitamin as it's your body's way of getting us to it. Not only are probiotics safe and come with little to no side effects, but they are also safe as they are a natural supplement. Probiotics can work through the body to allow for the probiotic bacteria to help rebalance and repair a disruption to the vaginal bacteria that could be affecting your intimate health; the root cause of your BV. Probiotics can go right to the source and work to immediately support, repair and maintain the vaginal bacteria; so yes you can rely on probiotics to cure BV. 

Can probiotics prevent chronic BV?

If you are suffering from chronic or persistent Bacterial Vaginosis then this is not always linked to the effectiveness of your treatment as there can be a long list of reasons why your bacterial infection did not clear up before. You might have stopped taking your treatment before our infection cleared up or before your vaginal bacteria was once again rebalanced. A probiotic can help support the body after an infection has cleared up as it can help prevent the vagina from habiting ‘harmful’ bacteria that can increase your risk of persistent BV. If you do opt for antibiotics to clear up your chronic BV, you can still take probiotics long-term to ensure your vaginal bacteria stay healthy and reduce your risk of chronic BV. 

How long does it take probiotics to get rid of BV?

You can expect your daily probiotic supplement to begin rebalancing the vaginal bacteria almost right away therefore within two weeks your Bacterial vaginosis should be completely cleared up. It does take time for the probiotic bacteria to produce more ‘good’ bacteria to clear up an infection like BV; the more severe your infection the longer it can take. In some more severe BV infections, you might want to consider a supporting treatment like an oral antibiotic or vaginal gel to help relieve symptoms. Although, in most mild cases of BV, probiotics can be efficient on their own in getting rid of BV.  

To clarify, only one suitable probiotic supplement, with a minimum of 1 billion CFU, is needed to help support vaginal health and cure a bacterial infection like Bacterial Vaginosis. Plus, it’s also important to remember that if your BV is not clearing up, it might be nothing to do with your treatment! If you would like to read more about what you could be doing to cause your BV to return then the following blog post will through prevention in more depth. That blog is titled: What is the main cause of BV? For any further questions, you can DM us on Instagram where one of our experts will aim to help.