Is It Good To Take Collagen Powder?

Is It Good To Take Collagen Powder?

If you are considering whether collagen powder is worth taking, then the decision is only yours; it is important to note that collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body that unfortunately diminish naturally over time. Therefore collagen powder and supplements are the best way to keep the body pumped with a safe and regular supply of the essential protein! When we age, our natural collagen production slows down, contributing to visible signs of ageing, fatigue and even joint or muscle aches. Collagen is a natural source of various proteins and vital amino acids; without them, the body's natural defence and recovery can be drastically impacted. Our bodies need collagen for many reasons (our post Is It Ok To Take Collagen Every Day explores these further) therefore deciding to supplement the protein via a collagen powder is important to think about should you consider taking collagen!

Is collagen powder worth taking? 

We have already touched on this point above, as we have highlighted how important collagen is for the body due to it being an essential protein that we will not always be able to reproduce naturally inside our body. This is one of the main reasons why people decided to include collagen into their daily routine to supplement or ‘makeup’ for the lack or diminished level of natural collagen that we slowly naturally produce less over time. Another reason why many people defied to take collagen powder over other collagen supplements is due to how easily it can be taken; added to any hot or cold beverage or even mixed into breakfast porridge. It can dissolve in both cold and cold drinks and still be just as effective! It can be taken day or night depending on your preferences; each time of day can offer additional benefits. 

  • If taken during the day - It can help aid in a healthy gut, and digestion. 
  • If taken before bed - It can help slow down the central nervous system; natural sleeping aid.

These additional benefits are more reasons why collagen powder is such a popular supplement and why it can be worth taking regularly! The next question is, how much should you take per day?

How much collagen powder should I take each day?

There is a slight variation on how much collagen powder you should consider taking each day, as each manufactured will have its suggested amount labelled on its packaging. This can therefore create some confusion as to what dosage is ‘right’ as well as safe!  So, lets us clear up any confusion you may have. When it comes to how much collagen powder you should be taken each day: 

  • Maximum of two scoops of collagen powder a day; equivalent to up to 15 grams

Taking more collagen per day than you need will not speed up their intended results or benefits but in fact, could lead you to have mild stomach upset and gastrointestinal discomfort; even a safe supplement like collagen should never be over-consumed! Two spoonfuls a day is more than enough for the body to reap its benefits over time. Now that you do know how much collagen to limit yourself to each day, it’s time we discussed how long it can take for collagen to start working… 

How long until I see results with collagen powder? 

The length of time you can expect to wait before you notice or experience any results varies on what you are taking collagen powder for. A regular and consistent amount of collagen powder, if taken every day, can be expected to have visible results within 6-12 weeks. This means that you can expect to wait around 6-12 weeks before you will notice any changes to your skin and overall physical appearance. However, it is important to remember that you will need to continue to take your collagen each day otherwise results could be delayed further or non-existent if you stop taking collagen after just a few short weeks! 

During that 6-12 week period you can expect: 

  • Your hair to be less brittle, prone to breakage and overall appear healthier
  • Nails can become stronger in this time as well as grow stronger so less prone to breakage
  • The skin's appearance can appear plump and hydrated as small wrinkles/creases can fill out

The internal benefits that collagen can offer like improved bone density and muscle repair (amongst many others) may take longer as the collagen will be required to work longer and harder to offer those kinds of long-term benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ then you may think that collagen is not classed as one due to it needed at least 6 weeks before you notice any physical changes in your appearance. However, a 6-12 week time frame is considered a very good time frame, as you know that the benefits to taking regular collagen will be for the entire body as well as long-lasting. What's more, the most effective ‘type’ of collagen is in the form of an ingestible supplement or powder; they can perform the best. Collagen powder will offer lasting results, which you should begin to notice in just a few short weeks, making collagen powder such a popular supplement! It's safe and reliable… 

We hope that today's blog post has shed more light on the topic of collagen powder; if you still have questions, then be sure to check out our Health Insider Blog catalogue as we have many collagen-related posts live. If you still have any questions or would like some additional support, then our experts are on hand to help you with your inquiries over on our Instagram. Drop us a DM and one of our experts will get back to you! You can also turn on that notification bell to be alerted first should we have any promotions or new products launching.