Is Omega-3 Good For Your Brain?

Is Omega-3 Good For Your Brain?

One of the most popular supplements individuals take for brain health is omega-3. It is believed to help support cognitive development, improve our memory as well as help our overall brain function. The brain is the mechanics behind our entire body; it’s responsible for feelings, thoughts, and actions (both conscious and subconscious) and works to keep our entire body healthy and moving. The brain sends multiple signals (and messages) to the body every single time we move, blink and even breathe. Most of our brain functions are done so without us needing to even think about it; we breathe and blink without needing to think about it. Therefore, maintaining and supporting our overall brain health should be a high priority. One day when we have brain fog or mood changes; our brain might struggle to send the important signals and messages (we need) to the body. Thus impacting our movement, mood and even energy levels. Supporting our brain and keeping it healthy is essential to ensure that our brain continues to develop and work following our body. How can we best support our brain health through supplements? Omega-3 of course! 

Is Omega-3 good for your brain?

Simply put, omega-3 can be very good for your brain. The reasons why include what we mentioned previously above; our brain is responsible for everything that we do. We cannot move, think, feel, react or even breathe without our brain aiding us in some way - consciously or subconsciously. Over time all of these tasks can get more difficult for the brain, therefore taking suitable supplements and vitamins that can help keep it healthy is vital. A regular and suitable amount of omega-3 can help to support the blood flow in the brain; associated with improving the performance of various cognitive (mental) tasks. A lack of proper blood flow to the brain can have severe consequences on our memory and increase the risk of developing early-set dementia. Omega-3 can work to help ensure that blood flow is regular, constant and even consistent, all to ensure the brain is healthy and functioning without multiple barriers. The harder our brain finds it to send the body signals, and aid in our overall cognitive development; increases the risk of our performance and memory being slowed down as well as strained. Omega-3 can help support brain health by ensuring blood flow (to and from) is both frequent and regulated. 

Does Omega-3 increase brain power?

Omega-3, as you may already know, is rich in fatty acids that can also be found in fish oil to help increase brain power as well as function. There has been an extensive amount of scientific study on the topic of omega-3 and its ‘ability’ to increase brain power and the results have been so quite favourable for omega-3. There was a significant improvement in brain function in people with higher levels of both types of omega-3 fatty acids in their bloodstream. Those two types are EPA and DHA. These two fatty acids are a part of the cell membranes and are known to be highly beneficial for the body concerning their anti-inflammatory functions. They can help reduce and establish internal inflammation (body and mind) as well as performance a crucial role in both mental development and heart health. An individual with a diet consisting of fatty fish and fish oil (a source of omega-3) is more likely to have improved mental clarity and be more able to support their mental cognitive functions. Therefore, various scientific research is found in favour of omega 3 as improving cognitive functions in the brain; essential for brain health and power. Now, just to clarify, omega-3 will not increase your intelligence but can improve cognitive abilities as well as your memory which are very important defences against dementia or similar mental impairments 

Can Omega-3 clear brain fog?

Once again omega-3 can help improve mental clarity as it can support cognitive development and improve our memory. It is believed that taking a concentrated amount of omega-3 (supplements, fatty fish or fish oil) can improve symptoms of brain fog such as issues with attention span and poor memory. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered a suitable supplement to aid in mental abilities and function; lowering your chances of potentially suffering from brain fog. EPA and DHA are both critical (omega-3 fatty acids) for supporting and aiding in healthy brain development and function; from birth to supporting yours through all stages of life. Omega-3 can help us at any age. Younger children can benefit as the fatty acids can help them to develop their essential mental abilities (memory and attention span) Whereas an adult can benefit from omega-3 due to its believed ability to continuously support healthy brain functions to limit our risks of mental impairments.

How much Omega-3 per day for brain health?

So now we know how good omega-3 is believed to be for our brain health, it’s now important to note how much omega-3 per day is enough to support our cognitive function and mental abilities. Whilst daily omega-3 fatty acids are important; it’s not advised to over-consume omega-3! It is typically stated that at least 500 mg of EPA and DHA (omega-3) per day is a suitable minimum recommendation for adults; no more than 1,000 mg per day. Children are believed to only need to take between 150 mg - 250 mg of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids daily. If your diet is already high in fatty fish like salmon, cod or tuna then you may want to take the lower mg recommendation for your age range as these types of fish are already high in natural fatty acids! If your diet does not induce any portions of fatty fish then omega-3 capsules and supplements are highly advised to ensure your brain is getting both the nutrients and support it needs. 

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