Is Taking Hyaluronic Acid Orally Effective?

Is Taking Hyaluronic Acid Orally Effective?

Hyaluronic acid is undoubtably an ingredient loved by everyone, especially if you have a skincare product enriched with hydrating powerhouse. Hyaluronic acid benefits don’t stop there, in fact, the popularity of oral hyaluronic acid has increased so quickly, we have found the number of questions has doubled recently.

This is exactly what we will investigating in today’s blog post, so stick around if you are wanting to know more about oral hyaluronic acid and how effective it is. Hyaluronic acid is natural sugar molecule that occurs in the body and provides hydration and lubrication to the skin and joints. It is often derived from cane sugar and formulated into an array of skincare products that are topically applied to the skin. Due to the ingredient’s ability to super charge the hydration of the skin it helps leave the complexion, plumped, hydrated, and full of bounce.

So, what exactly is different about hyaluronic acid skincare and supplements? Continue reading to find out more.

What are hyaluronic acid supplements?

  • Widely available in several different shops and pharmacies.
  • Need to be taken orally and with modern age formulations no longer need refrigeration.
  • You will often find many brands combine collagen and hyaluronic acid in the same capsule.
  • Each product can differ depending on dosage, but the standard amount for oral capsules are 120 milligrams of hyaluronic acid.
  • Can help boost hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin.
  • Will help lubricate the joints, ligaments, and tissues which is proven to benefit those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.
  • Can improve eye health by boosting the fluids found around the eyes and connective tissue.
  • Many studies have resulted in 200 milligrams of hyaluronic acid taken orally will have significant improvement on knee and joint pain.
  • Delivers results with minimal to no side effects but you must consult with a doctor to ensure the product is the best one for you and your needs.

How long does oral hyaluronic acid take to work?

This is very much dependant on the product you are using and the type of hyaluronic acid it contains. The higher the percentage of hyaluronic acid in the product formulation, the quicker results will be. You may find that many oral supplements will contain a blend of hyaluronic acid ensuring the capsules are packed with supercharged hydration.

There technically three different types of hyaluronic acid available in skincare products and supplements, these are.

  • Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid

Known for having a low molecular weight this form of HA acts as a sponge to help the skin and body to retain water. This helps keep the joints healthy and skin plumped whilst continuously locking hydration into the skin and body.

  • Sodium acetylated hyaluronate

Known for having a better moisture retention ability than hyaluronic acid itself. When used in topical products you’ll find the skin is felt hydrated for a longer amount of time compared to other forms of HA. When taken orally, it can form little “anchors” in the body helping to attract and lock moisture to areas such as connective tissues and joints.

  • Sodium hyaluronate

Known for being the most effective derivative of HA, found naturally occurring in the body it can store moisture the most successfully. It’s able to lubricate the joints by keeping each layer of tissue hydrated eliminating the risk of friction or discomfort.

Does ingesting hyaluronic acid help skin?

Yes, it certainly can, by ingesting hyaluronic acid you will find it promotes cell proliferation, meaning it can increase the speed of new cells being produced. This helps to give the skin a boost of hydration and keeps moisture locked into the skin surface. With the extra moisture you’ll find concerns with severe skin dryness are reduced and signs of premature ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles are notably improved.

Does oral hyaluronic acid help arthritis?

Absolutely, in fact, oral hyaluronic acid is known for being one of the most effective supplements to take to help combat arthritis and simple health concerns. With countless studies demonstrating how effective hyaluronic acid is at drawing moisture to areas needed. It does this by absorbing into the digestive tract and make its way to lubricate the joints, connective tissue, and other ligaments. It is understood that you do not need an extensive amount in your dosage to reap the rewards, with many studies showing how 17 milligrams of hyaluronic acid delivers effective levels of receptors meaning almost double the amount of water is absorbed, and is continuously absorbed keeping joints, knees and elbows comfortable and healthy.

Introducing oral hyaluronic acid is a simple task due to how compatible it with other ingredients and supplements. Many find that taking their supplements in the morning is the best way to start the day, but this can alter depending on the product so I would always suggest reading the instructions on the packaging. As I also mentioned earlier, although HA is a natural compound, it is still best to consult with a doctor to find the best product for you and your needs.

There you have a little more about hyaluronic acid and finding out how effective it is when taken as an oral supplement. Don’t forget if you have any further questions, come, and find us on Instagram.