What Are The Dangers Of Omega-9?

What Are The Dangers Of Omega-9?

When it comes to the ‘dangers’ associated with omega oil, it typically refers to what can happen to the body should you consume more of the nutrients than you should; on a consistent and regular basis overconsuming any protein or oil can be harmful to the body. The very reason why you might be taking omega-9 (for instance) could be to help reduce bad cholesterol but taking too much omega-9 oil could end up doing the exact opposite! If your diet is high in unhealthy fat and cholesterol, consuming too much omega-9 puts you at risk of both obesity and cardiovascular disease. In addition, too much omega-9 oil can cause an internal build-up inside your body if there is insufficient omega-3 to counteract any build-up. If you are taking control and managing your omega-9 consumption both from food sources and supplements then there should be no real dangers. Although, overconsumption is not the only thing to be aware of when it comes to omega-9…

Is omega-9 good or bad?

To put it simply, omega-9 is a good oil to consume. Even though it might not be considered ‘essential’ as it can be made (by the body) with other nutrients, it can still be very beneficial to your health; especially if you consume foods rich in omega-9 fatty acids instead of other types of fats. A balanced and stable amount of fat is important for a varied diet, but the type of oil you consume and how much can mean the difference between a healthy vs unhealthy diet. Omega-9 oil can be a very good oil for your diet due to the numerous benefits it can offer to the body. What's more, omega-9 belongs to a group of fatty acids that are unsaturated fats and therefore are generally considered to be healthier to consume more frequently. 

For instance, there is a reason why olive oil is considered better for you than most vegetable oils; olive oil is a source of omega-9 and when a part of a varied diet it can help improve blood sugar levels as well as decrease inflammation! So, yes omega-9 can be very good for the body BUT it's all about balance and not consuming too much; as overconsumption would likely trigger adverse side effects. 

Can omega-9 raise cholesterol?

One of the main health benefits attached to the regular and safe consumption of omega-9 is its ability to improve cholesterol. In some individuals, omega-9 might be essential to help increase ‘good; cholesterol levels whereas, others might benefit from omega-9’s ability to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol. Managing cholesterol levels is just one of the health benefits attached to the safe consumption of omega-9; it can also boost the immune system, increase energy and even reduce insulin resistance in diabetics! All that said, if you consume too much omega-9 oil (along with an unhealthy diet) then you might be putting yourself at risk of raising your cholesterol. That is why you always want to make sure you are not overconsuming any oil, even if it's an unsaturated fat like omega-9 oil, too much can have adverse side effects. 

What can too much omega-9 do to the body?

If there is too much omega-9 oil inside the body to break down, then this might cause a build-up of oil; made worse if your body lacks a sufficient amount of omega-3. An overconsumption would occur if your diet is high in fats and cholesterol likely from too much omega-9. Should the body have too much omega-9 oil, this can increase your risk of obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases - which we have mentioned previously! Therefore, not only could too much omega-9 affect your heart health and weight but it could cause the body to be under an increased amount of pressure and strain to even try to continue to function properly. 

Can you take too much omega-9?

It can be both easily down to consuming too much omega-9 and difficult to do so simultaneously. What we mean by this is that you might include too much omega-9 oil into your diet on the odd occasion; more oil when cooking one day than needed etc. That is a very common and easily done way of consuming perhaps a little more oil than you needed. Now, an isolated incident like that, not consistent or recurring often, should not cause you any adverse side effects or health issues. You might feel a little sluggish but this should level of overconsumption is not known to be dangerous. However, if you consistently consume high amounts of omega-9 oil from food and supplements, you are prolonged exposure to too much oil. Too much-unsaturated fats can still b harmful to the body and end up putting the heart under more pressure than it can handle. What's more, it can build up and increase your chances of raised cholesterol and weight changes. So, to clarify, it can be easily done to consume more omega-9 than needed but if it’s not a regular occurrence and you still follow a varied and healthy diet then no harm should be caused. However, if you are overconsuming omega-9 oil in large quantities frequently, you are putting your health (heart, cholesterol and weight) all at risk! 

It’s important to remember that any oil or fat (saturated or unsaturated) can cause health issues if over-consumed regularly; they affect your organs, blood sugar and even cholesterol. That's why balancing your consumption of oils and fats is so important; they can offer great health benefits to the body if consumed correctly and as a part of a varied diet! 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our latest Health Insiders Blog post; everything you need to know about omega-9 including how to make sure you are taking a balanced amount and not overconsuming omega-9 oils (from foods or supplements). No oil is good for the body if consumed in excess, including the three omegas! After reading today's post, if you still have questions about omega-9, you can send DM us on Instagram. We aim to respond to your message promptly and provide you with the necessary additional support.