What Are The Side Effects Of Omega-3, 6 and 9?

What Are The Side Effects Of Omega-3, 6 and 9?

You can expect side effects to occur whilst taking any supplement; including naturally derived ones. However, side effects are usually only likely to occur during the early stages of taking a new supplement or in the case where the body might be reacting to overconsumption of a supplement. Omega fish oil and supplements are no exception; their known side effects are typically quite mild and do not cause real harm. Due to omega oils, adverse side effects are likely to occur in the beginning as the body's way of getting used to the new supplements. However, if you have a varied diet that already consists of all the essential omega oils; taking too many supplements (alongside your daily food intake) could trigger an omega overload! These are two of the most common circumstances that could potentially cause you to have adverse side effects from consuming omega (supplements) but not always. You may or may not experience any side effects in the beginning and never overconsume omega. Therefore side effects are not always going to occur, but if they do, then they can (in most cases) be easily rectified if stopped early on. So, what side effects, exactly could occur due to consuming omega supplements?..

What are the side effects early on when taking omega-3?

If you have not long begun taking omega-3 supplements, then some mild side effects, in the beginning, can be both normal and common. Once again, side effects related to omega-3 are considered pretty mild and should not persist longer than a few days. The most common side effects that can occur in the beginning are:

  • An unpleasant or fishy after-taste
  • Stong or fishy-smelling breath
  • Potent-smelling sweat
  • Mild headaches
  • Gastrointestinal discomforts such as nausea, heartburn and diarrhoea.

The early stage side effects of taking omega-3 might not last for long, although some individuals report that every time they take their omega-3 fish oil supplement; they can leave a fishy aftertaste in the month for several hours afterwards. Therefore, whilst not necessarily a dangerous side effect, it can be a factor that puts many people off taking omega-3 capsules and fish oil. 

What are the side effects of taking too much omega-3?

If you are continuously taking high dosages (milligrams) of omega-3 supplements and eating at least two portions of oily fish per week, you might be putting yourself at risk of consuming too much omega-3; which can also cause side effects to your health. These side effects can be more of a concern as taking too much omega-3 regularly could cause…

  • High blood sugar
  • Low blood pressure
  • Acid reflux
  • Vitamin A toxicity
  • Insomnia and fatigue

These are just some of the adverse side effects of taking too much omega-3 continuously. That is why keeping your daily consumption of omega-3 balanced is so important; in some cases, your might not need to supplement more omega-3 into your diet due to the varied foods high in omega-3 that you may already consume. If you are unsure whether you need omega-3 or similar supplements, you might want to speak to your doctor to get some professional medical advice. Everyone has a different diet therefore omega supplements might not always be necessary for those who have a varied diet of all three omegas (3,6 and 9) without needing supplements. 

What are the side effects of taking omega-6?

Just like omega-3, over-consuming omega-6 can also cause adverse side effects to your health! Alongside their essential fatty acids, omega-6 also contains arachidonic acid which can lead to inflammation if over-consumed; the body can end up finding it difficult to counteract the acid and therefore the inflammation could increase. You may know that untreated inflammation can play host to several health issues and conditions. Too much omega-6 could potentially cause similar issues; an excessed in arachidonic acid can cause blood clots, chronic tissue inflammation, arthritis and even heart disease! Not to mention, the mild side effects that could also occur as a result of too much omega-6: 

  • Water retention
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Swelling 

    However, it’s important to remember that, just like omega-3, if supplements are taken with care and taken with safe dosages (as advised), they are generally considered very safe. Though the body gets used to the supplements, mild side effects, in the beginning, might be all you ‘side effects’ you ever experience. Perhaps even none! If you are taking omega correctly, then chances are you may only experience an unpleasant aftertaste once in a while and that's all. 

    What are the side effects of taking omega-9?

    Unlike omega-3 and omega-6, any known side effects of omega-9 are typically correlated to an unhealthy diet whilst consuming omega-9. For instance, if your diet is high in fat and cholesterol, consuming too much omega-9 (combined) could increase your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Your diet really can affect how well your omega fatty acids can work for your health; a bad or unbalanced diet can end up ‘using’ your omega in the ‘wrong’ ways. In addition, your body could also, naturally, be responsible for too much omega-9 as the body might build up too much if it’s lacking omega-3! Therefore it is really important to ensure you are focusing on all three omegas in your diet; through the foods, you eat and then if necessary balancing your intake with the appropriate (additional) supplements. When eaten and consumed in moderation, as part of a healthy and varied diet, omega-3, 6 and 9 can all be very beneficial to your health! They can lay a key role in supporting brain and heart health, as well as regulating cholesterol and boosting overall immunity!

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