What Does C8 MCT Oil Do?

What Does C8 MCT Oil Do?

Here on the Health Insiders blog, we have been dedicating so much of our attention towards natural health and well-being; taking you on the journey to enhance your understanding of various supplements. Everything from Glucosamine to Probiotics! We plan to continue this theme for today's post but focus on C8 MCT oil instead! If you are unfamiliar with MCT oil or would like to learn more about what exactly C8 MCT oil can do for the body then we highly recommend you read through today's post. Pure coconut C8 MCT oil after all could give the body that extra ‘kick’ it needs to help convert additional energy from the fats we consume (via our food). MCT oil can be a reliable and safe source to convert fat into energy minus the sugar crash or uncontrollable jittering. So, be sure to keep reading to find out more about MCT oil…

What is MCT oil?

For any of those who are unfamiliar with what exactly MCT oil is, no worries at all; this is what we will be exploring right now. MCT oil is the name given to a supplement made from a particular type of concentrated fat, commonly referred to as medium-chain triglycerides. These can also be referred to as forms of caprylic acid. Essentially, MCT molecules are smaller than those in the majority of the fats you consume therefore they can help improve the digestion of those longer-chain triglycerides. 

How does MCT oil work to improve the digestion of LCT?

The body can easily absorb MCT into the bloodstream, therefore supporting the digestion and breakdown of longer-chain triglycerides (from fats you consume in your diet). The quicker and essentially easier the body finds it to absorb longer-chain triglycerides by supplementing MCT oil, the better the body can turn it into energy. To clarify, MCT oil can help ensure that your body can absorb and break down fats from foods easier; to then convert into energy. It’s believed, the higher the purity, the better the MCT oil can perform to convert fat into energy. So, that's MCT oil in a nutshell but what exactly is C8 MCT oil… 

What is C8 MCT oil?

Fundamentally, the C8 in MCT oil refers to a type of MCT that has more benefits (relating to purity); which is the most essential aspect of MCT oil. The higher the purity, the better! Here at Wellgard, we are happy to report that our very own: Pure C8 MCT Oil is completely coconut derived and boasts a very modest 99.8 % purity rating. That’s 99.8% purity for every single batch of our MCT oil! This makes our very own Wellgard C8 MCT one of the purest and therefore most concentrated forms of caprylic acid on the market. Plus, we are always conscious of how we source naturally derived ingredients, therefore you can be sure that our MCT oil formulation is completely free from palm oil! Here at Wellgard, we pride ourselves on our transparency, which is why you will also see no rapeseed oil or any other hidden ingredients listed in the ingredients. Our MCT is coconut derived only! Now, you know what C8 MCT oil is (including what it’s made from and how it can improve the conversion of fat into energy), now it’s time to take a deeper look into the benefits of C8 MCT oil to help you decide whether or not this supplement could work well for you and your needs! 

What are the benefits of C8 MCT oil?

We previously mentioned that supplementing C8 MCT oil into your daily routine can be beneficial in the way of improving the body's natural process of converting fats (from food) into energy. That is how C8 MCT oil can work to help improve energy levels, but what else can it do? Out of the four types of MCT, it’s widely believed that C8 provide the most benefits to our health when supplemented safely. 

Supplementing high-quality, pure coconut C8 MCT oil is believed to:

  • Converts into Ketones by improving the body's process of absorbing fats (from long-chain triglycerides) to then convert easily into energy.
  • Improve overall physical performance and endurance as MCT oil can help the body use the fat converted into energy for longer, thus improving workout performance and/or endurance.
  • Aid in fat loss due to its ability to help the body absorb and break down essential nutrients and use that to improve energy for physical activity (needed for exercising etc).
  • Improve overall gut health as pure C8 MCT oil is rich in antimicrobial properties that can help control and contain ‘harmful’ bacteria build-up in the gut and restore a healthy balance. 
  • Also improve cognitive health and mental clarity, as a healthy gut can improve your memory as well as mental alertness.
  • Curb hunger cravings by keeping you feeling fuller (after a meal) for longer which can also limit unnecessary eating that could affect your weight. 

The above list of benefits associated with C8 MCT oil has all been researched and found to be highly reliable and accurate. One of the most important aspects of MCT oil to remember is that purity and chain length are important factors to consider. A high purity that is also 100% from a naturally derived source will ensure ‘better’ results. Whereas the shorter the chain (C8 - 8 carbons) the less work it’ll take the body to process ad convert into energy. Therefore C8 MCT oil will have a quicker processing speed and can quickly be transmitted and ready to use by the body; once it’s consumed, the body can begin to feel its effects rather quickly. So, make sure that you are ready for the C8 MCT oil to ‘kick in’ once you’ve consumed it; to help improve your workout performance or planned physical activity. 

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