What Does Collagen Do to The Body?

What Does Collagen Do to The Body?

Collagen plays an important role in maintaining healthy joints and skin. Found naturally occurring in your bones and making up to over three quarters of your skin. It contains amino acids, the essential building blocks of protein needed for healthy joints and younger looking skin, and these aren’t the only benefits collagen delivers to the body.

What are the benefits of collagen in the body?

  • Stronger bones- as we age our bone density becomes less meaning they breakdown easily and will take longer to repair and heal. There have been several scientific studies showing how introducing a daily dose of collagen to your daily routine will have a significant improvement on your bone health.
  • Improved skin elasticity- it is very difficult for skincare products to reach the lower layers of the skin and help build collagen. This is when collagen supplements step in and boost the production leading you to see the results on the outside with firmer, plumper skin.
  • Thicker hair and healthier nails- lack of collagen can cause the nails and hair to become brittle and break easily. You will also find that after taking collagen supplements will prevent hair loss and leave you with stronger nails.

There you have some examples of the benefits delivered by collagen. The only problem we have, it begins to breakdown and its production rapidly decreases as we age. This explains how the popularity of collagen supplements increasing rapidly in recent years with many of us reaching for it every day. But the final question we have, do we know what collagen does to the body? This is something we will explore further, so let’s get stuck in.

Will collagen make me gain weight?

No, it is not possible for collagen to cause you to gain weight. Sometimes mistaken as working in a similar way to protein powder, which is specifically designed for gym and strength training, collagen is does not cause muscle mass to increase.

As I have already mentioned, collagen can help with repairing and strengthening your bone density, but this is something that will not affect your weight.

How do you know if you are lacking collagen?

There are several signs that will demonstrate you are lacking in collagen, remember of course, that collagen production begins to slow down once we are over the age of 25. Some of the most common signs of lacking in collagen are as follows.

  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Stiff joints
  • Increased joint pain
  • Increased rick of bones breaking

You will find that once you have introduced collagen supplement into your routine, that the results are rapid and noticeable. You may firstly find the pain and stiffness in your joints is eased and you are able to move easily and in comfort. The skin will become supple, softer, and firmer. This is due to the collagen helping skin cells to repair and rejuvenate quickly and leaving the protective skin barrier strengthened.

Does taking collagen make your breasts bigger?

Technically no, collagen will not make your breast any bigger. Having said that, although the supplement is unable to increase the size, collagen is able to improve the overall appearance of your breasts. It can do this by making your skin firmer, and youthful resulting in the breasts appearing plumper and lifted. This is an effective way of enhancing your breasts in a natural alternative to any surgery.

Bear in mind, that are very limited products that are 100% effective at increasing the cup size of your breasts and if this is something you are wanting to achieve, I would suggest seeking a consultation from a specialist for further advise or alternatives to try. 

Does collagen make your face fat?

Not at all, there is no need to worry about collagen increasing your weight. What you may find however, is the fact that collagen works at regenerating the skin helping it to become plumper and firmer in appearance. You will also find that the increase in skin elasticity will give the complexion a lifted look which results in a more youthful finish to the skin and an increase fullness to certain areas as the cheeks and jawline, which before may have begun to appear sunken and thinner.

Does collagen tighten skin?

Absolutely, collagen supplements provide the boost in amino acids needed in the lower layers of the skin to help it become firmer and tighter. Unlike some skincare products, supplements can work from the inside of the body and reach the areas needed to support collagen production, this is an area that is impossible for some formulations to reach.

There is, however, some evidence lacking when it comes to understanding how collage supplements benefit the overall look and feel of the skin. This basically means it is down to personal preference and whether you choose to introduce a collagen supplement into your routine or not, it is safe to do so, if you have received all clear from your doctor, and you never know how impressive the results may be.

Is collagen bad for your kidneys?

Yes, collagen supplements can be bad for your kidneys if you already suffer from increased chances of developing kidney stones. This is due to collagen helping to increase bone density by boosting calcium absorption. Once the body and bones absorb too much calcium you will find there is an increased risk of kidney stones and other related inflammations. To avoid this, it is advisable to consume moderate levels of collagen and remember that every supplement product is different, so for peace of mind, always check the instructions found on the packaging of the supplement.

There you have a little more insight into what collagen does for the body and the result you can expect to see. If you have any further questions or wanted to find out more about introducing collagen into your diet, you can find one of our health experts over on Instagram in the direct messages, we look forward to seeing you there.