What Does Collagen Powder Actually Do?

What Does Collagen Powder Actually Do?

We have been seeing an influx of questions online regarding Collagen powder and whether or not it works as there still seems to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Today's blog post will focus on what happens to the body when you take collagen powder, discuss if there are any downsides and inform you of how long results can take to notice. We do want to start by saying that yes collagen powder does work and in fact, offers a plethora of benefits for the body and here are the most common...

Does taking collagen power do anything? 

Collagen powder does a lot of good for the body as it can help in several ways in maintenance, recovery and even conditioning.  Here are just some of the benefits of taking collagen powder regularly: 

  • Supple Skin - Skin elasticity will improve thus leaving your skin looking plump and firm. There is a reason collagen is so highly favoured for slowing down the signs of visual ageing! 
  • Healthier Hair and Nails - Collagen will help your hair and nails feel less brittle and prone to breakage by making them stronger and even helping stimulate healthy re-growth.
  • Better Joint Movement - Collagen also works to help repair muscles and be a source of vital fatty and amino acids to aid in recovery, repair and re-strengthening. 
  • Support Gut Health - A healthy gut is essential if you want to avoid several health concerns (like aches & pains) and collagen helps aid digestion to alleviate any gut issues.  

The list does not end there though as collagen is known to help aid recovery and improve workout performance naturally. It can also help boost your energy levels due to collagen being high in essential amino acids. The amino acids can help with not just muscle training but also work to help you digest food to improve overall gut health. So, as you can see, collagen powder can work from head to foot and simultaneously! 

Is there a downside to taking collagen? 

Whilst no supplement, no matter how natural, is completely safe there are no real downsides to collagen although there may be one or two incidences where it may not be right for you based on other external factors that come into play. For instance, if you suffer from numerous allergies or take regular prescription medication, collagen may not be suitable based on how it might have an adverse reaction on your body when mixed with medication. 

Collagen itself is considered a safe supplement to take daily without any worries or concerns. Although when you do first begin taking collagen powder you may experience a few side effects but nothing that will last longer than a couple of days at most. You might not experience any of these side effects at the beginning, which is also normal, but if you do begin to experience mild bloating, heartburn and feelings of fullness then these are all early signs of starting a new supplement like collagen. 

However, if these side effects persist then make sure your dosage is not over the daily recommendation and seek further assistance if symptoms do not go away after a few days. It may not be anything serious, but always worth checking with a medical professional if you are concerned. 

Does collagen powder reduce belly fat? 

Taking collagen powder daily, and doing nothing else in the way of exercise or training, will not work to reduce any body fat on its own! This is a common misconception as collagen has been linked to muscle mass and recovery as well as being able to support the loss of body fat but not entirely on its own. The most effective methods of reducing belly fat still rely on a healthy diet and regular exercise, although collagen power has been linked to helping as it's high in all the essential amino acids that can improve your results from a workout. Therefore, it's important to remember that collagen powder will help yes, but not without any physical activity as it will only help when the body is in the process of burning fat and training muscles. 

How long does it take to see collagen powder results? 

Collagen powder, as much as we would all like it to, does not work overnight. To notice and feel the benefits of collagen powder, you will need to be patient. Typically you can expect improvements to your hair, skin, nails and overall well-being within a matter of weeks; we advise you to take collagen powder daily for at least 12 weeks. After those 12 weeks, results should become noticeable, but they may even occur slightly sooner than expected. 

If you decide that collagen powder is something you would like to add to your daily routine, then doing so can be relatively simple as it can be added to any hot or cold beverage as well as breakfast smoothies or porridge without affecting the taste. Please remember, that just because you may not be able to taste the collagen powder; does not mean that it’s not going to work! 

Ingesting more than the daily recommended serving amount will not necessarily mean results will happen any quicker, so please stick to the recommended amount and remember that you may not be able to taste it but if you are regular with your consumption; the results will follow in time. 

We hope that has cleared up some of the confusion surrounding whether or not collagen powder works and when you can expect to see any results. Make sure to bookmark our Health Insiders Blog as we are adding new posts regularly on all topics relating to collagen, probiotics and general well-being. Just like always you can connect with us on social media and our experts are on hand over at our Instagram should you have any further questions that you would like an immediate answer to.