What Does Hyaluronic Acid Capsules Do?

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Capsules Do?

If you use skincare products, you may have heard the name hyaluronic acid before now. Used by many, this hydrating ingredient is often applied on the skin to help counteract signs of dehydration, dullness, and premature signs of ageing. This ingredient's benefits don't stop there, in fact, it is one of the few ingredients available that can deliver results on the outside and inside of the body.

Today we will be looking into how hyaluronic acid works for the body and why hyaluronic acid capsules have grown so much in popularity. Before we get into the nitty gritty, lets first find out what hyaluronic acid is and the benefits you can expect to see.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?

  • Naturally occurring substance found in the fluids around the eyes and joints.
  • Acts as a cushion for joints enabling them to move easier and limit pain.
  • There are many different types of hyaluronic acid which are used in various ways, from cosmetics to supplements.
  • Can be introduced into the body and skin by using topical skincare products, oral capsules, and medicinally used injections. 

Now that you have become a little more clued up, let’s get to answering some of your questions. 

Does hyaluronic acid make you fat?

In a word, no. There is practically no chance of taking hyaluronic acid capsules will influence weight gain. There are however several misunderstandings of how the capsules work and the effects they can have on the body.

Many believe that due to the high molecular size of hyaluronic acid will result in an increase in water retention resulting in weight gain and cellulite. Here is how the body works at targeting hyaluronic acid when it’s consumed orally.

  • Hyaluronic acid contains no form of calories meaning it cannot lead to weight gain.
  • The hyaluronic acid in supplements often contains 2 MDa of hyaluronic acid, which should not be mistaken for the form of hyaluronic acid 20 MDa that can gather in the tissue and develop into cellulite.
  • The difference between the two acid forms is how the body can breakdown 2 MDa into smaller fragments making them easier to digest.
  • The form known as 20 MDa which is found in cellulite and water retention naturally occurs when there is an inflammation in the body tissues. This is something that is replenished even after you have removed it temporarily.

As you can see, there is no concerns with hyaluronic acid capsules having a negative impact on you and your body. You’ll find that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and drink enough water, you will reap the rewards of hyaluronic acid capsules.

How long does oral hyaluronic acid take to work?

This can alter depending on who is taking the capsules and the dosage of the hyaluronic acid in the product formulation. If you are persistent and take the capsules as instructed you will begin to notice a difference after 4 weeks.

Many are surprised to see find out how much hyaluronic acid benefits the body and improves your overall health and wellbeing. Here are examples of the improvements you can expect to see when taking HA (hyaluronic acid) supplements.

  1. Skin is left looking healthier and more supple

Over half the hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in our bodies are found in the skin. It works at locking moisture into the skin surface helping to keep the complexion healthy, hydrated, and plumped looking in appearance. The only problem with this is as we age, the production of hyaluronic acid begins to slow down, this is when hyaluronic acid supplements can step in and help with an added boost of hydration.

  1. Wounds are healed more rapidly

Hyaluronic acid can heal wounds quickly by helping to regulate the inflammation levels. The way HA works is by sending a signal to the brain to produce more blood vessels to make their way rapidly to the damaged area ensuring it heals quickly. You’ll also find that hyaluronic acid is packed with antibacterial properties meaning it can also help reduce the risk of infection in wounds, however small or severe.

  1. Provides lubrication to joints and bones

As I have already mentioned, hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the joints which can begin to deteriorate the older we become. This will result in the lubrication between the joints will disappear slowly leading to movements in the joints becoming painful. Those who suffer from conditions such as osteoarthritis will see a marked improvement in their joints after taking hyaluronic acid capsules for 2 months.

  1. Can relieve symptom of dry eyes and discomfort

Hyaluronic acid is present in the eyes and can help keep them lubricated and healthy. Having said that, it is difficult to maintain eye health due to various factors, such as climate, central heating, and whether you are a contact wearer. Aside to this, you should also know that 1 out of 7 adults suffer with dry eyes. The reason for this can be lifestyle or working in an office environment daily. Whichever it is, it is known that introducing hyaluronic acid into your routine via capsules or specialised eye drops will replenish the eye back to its healthy state. 

There you have some examples of how hyaluronic acid works and how long it takes to have an impact on your health and wellbeing.

Does hyaluronic acid tighten skin?

Yes, it can indeed, and it is able to do this with topical application by using skincare products as well as the added boost from capsules containing the acid.

Not only will you find that a regularly intake of hyaluronic acid will make the skin tighter, but you’ll also find that the skin’s texture is smoother, there’s reduced roughness, and increased elasticity. As mentioned, there are different types of hyaluronic acid which can be used in various ways to promote hydrated skin.

  • Oral: These are usually capsules or tablets that can help with both skin hydration and improving the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Topical: To help lock moisture into the skin there are different formulas such as creams, lotions, serums, and face cleansers.
  • Injections: Hyaluronic acid can be injected into certain areas of the skin to give a plumped, hydrated appearance.

When should I use hyaluronic acid?

You should use hyaluronic acid capsules once a day to help combat the many concerns I have already mentioned in the previous sections of the blog. Whichever form of hyaluronic acid you decide to introduce, always ensure you have checked with a doctor or medical professional to be 100% certain you are using the best type for your needs.

As effective as hyaluronic acid is, it isn’t for everyone to use and often thought best to avoid if you are suffering from any of the following such as:

  • You have allergies- some forms of hyaluronic acid are obtained from chicken so if you have any allergies or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet you must double check the product information on the packaging.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding- the safety of hyaluronic acid and the effects it has on pregnant and breastfeeding women is unknown. Never introduce a supplement, no matter how natural they are to your diet unless you have consulted with a doctor first.

There you have a little more detailed information about hyaluronic acid and what the capsules do. Don’t forget you can follow us on Instagram if you have any further questions.