What Does Probiotics Do For The Body?

What Does Probiotics Do For The Body?

When it comes to understanding the purpose of probiotics, it is relatively straightforward; probiotic supplements are a form of ‘good’’ bacteria that is thought to help restore a natural balance of bacteria in your gut, mouth and vagina. Therefore when you can understand the purpose of probiotics, it can also allude to their function as probiotics are essentially a form of potent & live bacteria that can be safely ingested as a probiotic supplement d to help neutralise and rebalance bacteria in the body. Then, all that is left is to find out if probiotic supplements are suitable for you and whether you believe your body could benefit from them or not. 

In today's Health Insiders Blog Post we will be exploring the signs that your body might need probiotics as well as what can happen to the body when you begin taking probiotics. We will also use today's post to clear up a few common misconceptions when it comes to probiotics and weight loss! 

What are the signs you need probiotics?

There can be a long list of signs that your body might be lacking probiotics bacteria and therefore is struggling to keep natural bacteria (inside the body) neutralised. Below we have included a list of some of the most common signs that the body is lacking probiotic bacteria:

  • Abdominal pain, Bloating and stomach discomfort
  • Brain fog or cognitive/ memory lapses 
  • Chronic fatigue and disturbed sleeping pattern 
  • Changes to your mood, increase anxiety or low mood. 
  • Excessive gas and heartburn 
  • Issues with bowel movements (irregular, painful)

  • Although these are not the only sign that the body might need probiotics! You have been working hard, already, to implement a healthy and balanced diet as well as keep fit and active; yet you still feel no relief or turning point from your health worries. In this case, the right probiotic supplement could help ensure your internal bacteria are stable and healthy just in case your diet cannot naturalise your natural bacteria on its own. If you are experiencing the symptoms listed above, it may be time to look deeper into probiotics to see if they can help!

    What happens when you start taking probiotics?

    When you begin taking a new supplement it is normal for the body to react to the new substance that you are pumping inside it, probiotics are no different. Now, whilst side effects are uncommon when you begin taking probiotics they are still possible. Microbes used as probiotics are already present inside the body naturally, as well as found in probiotic food and supplements; thus classifying probiotic supplements to be generally safe. Although here are some of the side effects you may want to be aware of in case you do experience any unpleasant feelings when you first start taking probiotics…

  • Mild Stomach upset or bloating for the first few days 
  • Diarrhoea, change in bowel movements or flatulence
  • Rare instances may trigger an allergic reaction

  • You may not experience any of these side effects when you start taking probiotics, so if you feel no different, that is also normal. So long as you are taking the recommended daily amount of probiotics then they should start to feel a positive difference in your health within a couple of weeks. The benefit of probiotics have been previously discussed in several Health Insiders Blog Posts as well as de-bunking some of the misinformed benefits; probiotics are not miracle-working supplements…

    Do probiotics help you lose weight?

    Whilst it’s true that probiotics can benefit the body in many ways as they are a supporting supplement, there are some limitations to their abilities! Probiotics supplements can increase the amount of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the gut, mouth or even vagina; doing so is highly beneficial for your overall health as unhealthy levels of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria can trigger a whole list of health issues and concerns that we previously listed above. However, probiotics cannot be directly linked to or connected with a natural supplement for weight loss! There is not enough evidence or scientific study to support this belief even though there is much debate online. 

    Now, can probiotics help improve your digestive system, and give you more energy? Yes! 

    There is evidence to believe that probiotics can improve your digestive system, (how your food is processed) as well as help you feel less fatigue and improve energy levels. These benefits could be highly favoured for those looking to lose weight by implementing a balanced diet and regularly exercising but probiotics on their own cannot guarantee weight loss on their own. A high-quality probiotic can help boost and restore energy levels which is another reason why they are highly favoured by people trying to be healthier. The benefits of probiotics have been mixed up as a natural weight loss aid that requires you to do no exercise at all just take one probiotic a day; this statement is inaccurate. 

    If you are looking to lose weight then probiotic supplements can help keep your bacteria neutralised and improve any side effects, whilst you also implement regular exercise and have a balanced diet! 

    Does prebiotics flatten your stomach? 

    Another area of confusion is whether or not prebiotics can help flatten your stomach; prebiotic foods that are high in natural fibre can be linked to burning abdominal fat which is why many people believe it can flatter the stomach. There is some evidence to suggest that probiotics fibre may help to prevent intestinal fat absorption which could be an effective weight loss tool. Even with this belief, it is important to remember that the healthiest and most effective method of losing weight or burning fat is to implement a healthy all-around diet (high in fibre) as well as exercise regularly. Probiotics supplements can help with digestive issues so that your prebiotic foods are processed through your body more effectively; therefore energy levels could increase as a result of this allowing you to feel more active for exercise. Healthy weight loss and burning fat heavily rely on your commitment levels, which is why no easy or quick fix would last long-term. 

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