What is B Complex Medicine For?

What is B Complex Medicine For?

When it comes to the oversaturated supplement world, it can sometimes feel impossible to find the supplement that works for you and helps target any health concerns you have noticed.

Vitamin B complex often contains several different B vitamins all of which are vital for maintaining a healthy body and deliver benefits for the body. Some of the B vitamins found in the complex are as follows;

Vitamin B-1: Also known as thiamine, is the first B vitamin scientifically discovered and provides essential nutrients for the tissue and body to function.

Vitamin B-2: Also known as riboflavin is naturally present in foods and made synthetically. This vitamin helps to the body build red blood cells and supports cellular function.

Vitamin B-3: Also known as niacinamide can help lower cholesterol, boost brain function, and ease the pain of arthritis.

Vitamin B-5: Also known as pantothenic acid and is one of the most important vitamins for the body. Essential for making blood cells and converting energy from food consumed. 

Vitamin B-6: Also known as pyridoxine this vitamin helps with the central nervous system and supports metabolism.

Vitamin B-7: Also known as biotin this vitamin works at converting food into energy and is considered crucial to include in your diet if you are expecting.

Vitamin B-9: Also known as folic acid and is found in food products such as flour, and cereal. You will also find that folate is the natural occurring form of vitamin B-9 and found in leafy greens. Both of which provide essential nutrients for the body.

Now that you have a brief idea of the different B vitamins found in B complex, we can move on to finding out more about how the complex works and the benefits it delivers to the body and wellbeing.

Does B complex make you gain weight?

Not necessarily, it is considered that overall, those lacking in the right number of vitamins and minerals require vitamin supplements most of all to help improve their overall health, wellbeing, and metabolism. There is, however, an understanding that with an excess intake of vitamin B teamed with a lot of carbohydrates which over time can turn said carbs into fat resulting in weight gain.

You may also find that you have some weight gain if you have a diet containing rich foods and have an imbalance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating the most beneficial food.

By taking vitamin supplements alone, you won’t see an increase in your weight, but instead see an increase the nutrients helping with optimal results and ability for your metabolism to work effectively.

Is B complex safe?

Yes, vitamin B complex is generally considered safe for anyone to use on a daily basis. The main thing you must remember is to ensure you follow the instructions of the product and only introduce a supplement into your daily diet after you have consulted with a doctor or medical professional.

Can I take B complex at night?

You can, but it is not considered a good idea to take B complex in the evening as this can affect your sleep. The optimal time to take vitamin B is in the morning once you have woken up. You’ll find that the different types of B vitamins that all of them are water-soluble meaning they are absorbed quickly into the body and do not last too long due to them being flushed out once we urinate.

The time you take vitamins really does depend on the which vitamins you are taking, the similarity amongst them all however is the fact they won’t deliver results unless they are taken on a daily basis. Luckily, you can avoid the risk of forgetting to take them by incorporating them into your morning and evening routines. This is something you and your body will thrive from, but as always ensure you have checked with your doctor or GP that you are safe to use.

Is vitamin B complex good for weight loss?

Yes, vitamin b complex is thought to be highly effective at helping with weight loss. This is because they can help curb your appetite whilst simultaneously providing the body with the essential nutrients it requires to remain healthy, happy, and functioning to the best of its abilities.

By having the correct intake of B complex you will find you are able to maintain a healthy weight, but it is best to not rely on your supplements to support your weight. Instead team your supplements with regular exercise, drinking enough water, having enough sleep, and avoiding harmful lifestyle habits, such as smoking, poor diet of greasy foods, and excessive consumption of alcohol.

There you have a little insight into how B complex medicine works and the results you can expect to see when introducing it into your routine. Don’t forget to join us on Instagram if you have any further questions, you’ll find one of our health experts in the direct messages, so do come and say hello.