What Problems Do Probiotics Help?

What Problems Do Probiotics Help?

Probiotics can help the body in several ways. They can support healthy organ function as well as unblock the body of any build-ups causing disruptions or obstructs to the body's natural process. In turn, they are known to be able to help relieve a significant number of internal problems that can all link back to an unhealthy gut! It can help support a healthy digestive system and gut and free the body from bacterial build-ups causing issues to the bowel or mood. Probiotics do have a primary main of supporting a healthy gut, although everything is linked to our gut health; which makes it so important. We can end up suffering from a long list of symptoms if we do not take care of our gut, although it’s not the only problem probiotics can help with… 

What health conditions do probiotics seem to help the most?

Probiotics do so much more than support a healthy gut, even though that is vital for good health! If also taken correctly, the right type of probiotic can benefit the body in several ways as they can help support the body through several health conditions linked back to the gut. They can help:

  • Ease constipation and diarrhoea
  • Reduce inflammation and bloating
  • Ease IBS and IBD
  • Make you more regular
  • Clear up (and manage the bacteria) yeast infections
  • Treat UTIs
  • Aid in healthy digestion

This is just a small list of the ways that a probiotic can help support our health the most, we have gone into more depth below on some of the main ways that probiotics can help regarding supporting our overall health... 

Can probiotics heal your digestive tissue?

A high-quality probiotic is believed to help restore the natural balance of bacteria in not just your gut but also in your stomach and intestines when it may have been disrupted by ‘harmful’ bacteria or an illness you may have. Probiotics can also have many benefits for your digestive tissue and system as they too are a part of your overall digestive and gut health. It is believed that a suitable probiotic can help improve your digestion of lactose and reduce any digestive pain (like gas, bloating diarrhoea and constipation) as well as aid in carbohydrate digestion and the production of certain vitamins. So, in short, a probiotic supplement can help the body digest foods that can be more difficult to process as well as help to relieve the body of any painful symptoms relating to poor digestion or gur health. 

Can probiotics heal your stomach lining? 

We can damage our stomach lining in some ways but the main culprits are to do with bacterial infections, excessive alcohol consumption or regularly taking pain-relief medication. Whilst we might be able to control a significant amount of these things the stomach lining might already need healing or support. Here is where probiotics can come in to help! Probiotics are a popular supplement to help heal a leaky gut as well as repair the gut lining. What's more, they can reduce inflammation and restore the gut microbiome (which we have mentioned). Probiotic supplements can also help reduce many symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome; bloating, abdominal pain, bowel obstruction and fatigue. But how? Probiotics can encourage regular bowel movements as well as introduce more ‘good’ bacteria into the digestive tract which can help the stomach lining. You can also eat foods rich in natural probiotics to help heal your stomach lining. 

Can probiotics heal your gut?

A probiotics supplement is all for supporting and aiding gut health so in short yes, probiotics can help to heal your gut. The main purpose of a probiotic is to help restore healthy levels of essential bacteria that can be responsible for regulating your bowels, aiding in your digestion, and relieving any symptoms you may have of an unhealthy gut. They work by increasing the level of ‘good’ bacteria inside the body, decreasing the ‘harmful’ bacteria and relieving inflammation as well as unblocking obstructions. So, if you are looking for a natural supplement to help you improve your overall get health then a probiotic supplement is worth considering. Now, if you are unsure where to begin your search, then we have our range of Wellgard Probiotics that you can browse. We have a women's-formulation and a child-friendly supplement as well as our original everyday probiotic supplement. 

What are the top three benefits of probiotics?

There are plenty of reasons why probiotics are such a useful and highly practical supplement and it all largely comes from the many benefits they can have for our overall health. They are especially useful if you are looking for a natural supplement that can help support your gut health from end to end. If you are considering a probiotic to become your new daily supplement then you might want to know what the top three benefits of probiotics are; to help you determine whether or not they are going to be right for you and your needs. So, what are the top three benefits of probiotics? Well, probiotics can… 

  • Helps your body digest food 
  • Keep ‘harmful’ bacteria from getting out of control
  • Support the cells that line your gut to prevent ‘bad’ bacteria from entering your blood

These are considered the top three benefits of probiotics and as you can see they all strongly work to help keep your entire digestive and gut health supported and functioning correctly; to avoid serious health issues. If you are looking for a natural gut and digestive-supporting supplement, a probiotic is considered the number one supplement that can help. It’s generally very safe to take once a day and can be added to your daily routine with ease as it can begin promoting new bacteria into the body once it’s processed through to the gut microbiome! 

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