What Supplements Can I take For BV?

What Supplements Can I take For BV?

Contracting BV can be a nuisance as it might be causing you discomfort and pain as well as prompting you to perhaps feel worried about your vaginal health but not to worry; BV can be treated. You can also manage your vaginal bacterial long-term to ensure that a further or recurring BV infection does not arise so soon. Now, you would not want to be taking oral antibiotics or applying antibiotic gels to your vagina every day but there are some more natural means of supporting your intimate health. The right supplments and vitamins can help keep your vaginal flora and pH balanced to limit your risk of contracting BV again and support your intimate health overall. Today's post will be highlighting the best supplements and vitamins that can be taken to help support vaginal bacteria; to avoid persistent BV. Furthermore, we will also mention the benefits that these natural supplements can offer for the vagina and how they work at combating ‘bad’ and ‘unfriendly’ bacteria. 

What cures BV besides antibiotics?

Whilst oral antibiotic capsules and antibiotic gels are still considered, by medical professionals, to be the most effective treatment for BV they are not always most favourable amongst women who are getting persistent BV or suffer from it chronically. This is due to the nuisance that taking antibiotics or applying gels frequently can be. If your Bacterial Vaginosis is a constant infection you are trying to clear up then you might think that your course of treatment is not working and therefore abandon hope. However, there are more options than just antibiotics if you are looking for short, medium or long-term vaginal support against BV. Some natural vitamins and supplements can be taken alongside your prescribed treatment, post-treatment or even instead of antibiotics if you are looking for a more natural long-term remedy. A suitable probiotic and natural Vitamin could be all you need…

What are the best supplements to take for BV?

If you are looking for supplements to help clear up your BV infection, then there are a few natural supplements you can take either after or during your course of antibiotics. One of the most popular supplements for BV is a Probiotic with various natural Lactobacillus strains. The best Probiotic supplement for BV will contain a combination of the following probiotic bacteria strains: 

  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus - Treats vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections.  
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Treats vaginal inflammation & promotes ‘good’ bacteria growth
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri - Restores normal flora and treats yeast infections

Live lactobacillus bacteria can be found in many probiotic supplements and more specifically, supplements made especially for women. This is due to the multiple studies showing the effectiveness oral and vaginal probiotics can have against the prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis. The bacteria strains can help rebalance the vagina's natural pH as well as rebalance a bacterial disruption; the root cause of BV. It’s not just probiotics that are a suitable supplement to help clear BV many vitamins can also help support and aid the body through the infection.

What Vitamins help fight bacterial infections?

Many Vitamins are known to help the body fight against viruses and infections as well as support immunity. The following list of top three Vitamins are the most effective and widely used to help keep the body fighting off all manner of infections:

  • Vitamin C can kill harmful bacteria and encourage the body's production of immune cells. 
  • Vitamin E can also help fight off infections as it is commonly known as an antioxidant vitamin
  • Vitamins C, D, E & B6 combination can all keep your immune system strong.

Vitamin C is a very popular vitamin for people looking for a natural aid for the body fighting off an infection. This also includes women who are looking for help to fight against Bacterial Vaginosis. 

What Vitamin can cure BV?

It has recently been determined that Vitamin C can effectively fight and clear up a bacterial infection like Bacterial Vaginosis; especially when paired with Lactobacillus probiotics. A combination of Vitamin C and Lactobacillus probiotics bacteria can help not just prevent but also treat BV as well as other imbalances inside the vagina like pH and hormones. What's more, Vitamin C can also support a healthy vaginal environment that would decrease the risk of BV forming as ‘good’ bacteria would be thriving as opposed to a vaginal environment where the ‘good’ bacteria is at risk of infection. 

Here is a list of all the ways that Vitamin C can support your vaginal health to help cure BV naturally and without the need for antibiotics or vaginal gels: 

  • It promotes ‘good’ bacteria as well as increases the growth of Lactobacillus and other ‘friendly’ microbes in the vagina; thus supporting a healthy pH = healthier vaginal microbiome.
  • Increases Acidity inside the vagina that can potentially cause the growth of BV bacteria to be uninhabitable and therefore lower your risk of contracting BV 
  • Boosts Immunity including strengthening vaginal immunity as it can help restore the epithelial barrier of the vaginal lining to protect it from harmful microbes.
  • Reduced Inflammation due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help restore healthy vaginal tissue that BV can disrupt and fill with ‘harmful’ bacteria. 
  • Promotes Collagen Production that can strengthen vaginal tissue, essential for protecting the lining against microbial imbalances leading to infection. 

Vitamin C is a powerhouse Vitamin against BV; which includes easing symptoms and reducing the risk of BV from habiting inside the vagina. The Vitamin can even help continuously support the daily function and health of the vagina by keeping the pH and intimate bacteria balanced. So, if you are looking for a more natural treatment against BV, then probiotics and vitamin C are your best chances at not just clearing up an infection but also decreasing the risk of it coming back again and disrupting your vaginal health!

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