When Should B Complex Be Taken?

When Should B Complex Be Taken?

Believe it or not, the time you take your vitamins and supplements can affect the way the body absorbs the benefits and work the nutrients into your system. Some vitamins for example, work best when taken with your meals, others work best when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Vitamin B12 for example is absorbed best on an empty stomach due to more acidic environment. 

With this in mind, we are going to find out more about when is the optimal time it is to take vitamin B complex. If you wanted to know a little more about vitamin B complex and whether it’s OK to take it every day, check out our dedicated blog post.

Should vitamin B complex be taken at night?

Not, really, this is because vitamin B complex are known for boosting your energy levels. By taking them in the evening, you will find it can disrupt your sleep making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. Having said that, if you enjoy having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning it is best to avoid taking any vitamins as caffeine will interfere with how effective the vitamins and minerals are at absorbing into the body. You will also find that caffeine can increase how often you urinate which is another contributing factor that can flush the vitamins out of the system too quickly. To prevent this from happening, wait an hour or two after having your morning hot drink before taking your supplements to gain optimal results.

Alternatively, many experts suggest taking your vitamins in the afternoon, this leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy your morning coffee without the worry of it affecting your vitamins. It will also help give you a boost in energy to get you over the afternoon slump without it lasting too long into the evening stopping you from getting your beauty sleep.

Should I take B complex with or without food?

As I have already mentioned, taking your vitamins with or without food is very much dependant on the type of vitamin it is. When it comes to the different types of vitamins B, you can take them separately, or as a vitamin B complex, which contains all eight B vitamins which are all water soluble meaning you can take them with or without food. You are always about to take vitamin B any time of day, but as I have previously suggested it’s best to avoid them in the evening as the energy surge will disrupt your sleep.

Many find that taking vitamin B complex in the morning with your breakfast is the easiest way to work these effective vitamins into your daily routine.

How do you take B complex?

There are many different forms of vitamin B complex available to take such as powder, tablets, liquid, and chewable. Deciding on which form is most suitable for you and your daily routine may require you to test out different types to find the best. Before you introduce any vitamins into your routine, it’s best to consult with a doctor or medical professional to determine which type of vitamin are most suitable for you and your daily routine. 

Can I take vitamin C and B complex together?

Yes, you can take vitamin C and B complex together. One important point to remember however, is the fact that they are both water-soluble meaning they are not stored in the body, but in fact flushed out when we urinate. This requires you needing to replenish them every day. You can take vitamin B complex in the morning, leaving your vitamin C supplement for later in the day. If you find this too be too much of a task, you are still able to take both vitamins together.

Taking both vitamins in the morning will ensure you have increased energy levels as well as the ability to absorb important nutrient to start the day. Another added benefit of taking a vitamin C supplement will ensure you have a boost in noradrenaline, the chemical that can help you become more alert and aid concentration.

Can you take vitamin B complex on an empty stomach?

This is very much down to you, and how your morning routine is. With all types of vitamin B being water-soluble you can take them with or without food. Many find that taking them on an empty stomach, a couple of hours before their morning coffee ensures the benefits of the vitamins are absorbed fully into the body. If you find taking vitamin B in the morning on an empty works best for you, continue to use it the way you see fit. If, however, you find there are some side effects, or you are not seeing the results you anticipated stop taking the vitamins and consult with a doctor or medical professional for peace of mind.

How many vitamin B complex should I take daily?

You can take each vitamin B individually, or the type of vitamin B that are best suited for addressing your concerns. For ease, and effectiveness however, many find that taking a vitamin B complex containing all eight vitamins is the most effective way of benefiting from the array of vitamins and their potent properties.

There you have a little more information about when should B complex be taken. Don’t forget, if you have any questions, come and find us on Instagram for daily posts, recipes ideas, product information, and one of our experts are always available in the direct messages.