When to Take Omega-3, 6 And 9 Morning Or Night?

When to Take Omega-3, 6 And 9 Morning Or Night?

It can be difficult to distinguish when would be the best time to take a supplement, especially if we think that deciding when we do can alter their effectiveness. Many people believe that taking omega supplements in the morning is best as it means the body gets that essential kick start of fatty acids and proteins early on in the day; therefore giving the body ‘longer’ to process and break them down. On the flip side, many individuals take them later in the day with a meal; to help the body absorb the fatty acids more accessible alongside food. This would be the advised method of taking and consuming omega supplements; alongside a meal or food as the proteins and fatty acids can be broken down better. There has been extensive research conducted to also support this theory; that consuming supplement like omega oils alongside a meal or with food is ‘better’ for the body. The body can break down the nutrients better and therefore get to work ‘quicker’. Although, this cannot guarantee quick ‘results overall; combining food with supplements can just support the breaking down of the omega process. It in no way guarantees better or faster long-term results. 

When is the best time to take omega-3 supplements?

We briefly touched upon this above, and that same understanding also applies to omega-3 fish oil and supplements; they are ‘best’ to be taken with food before or after a meal. This could be your mid-day lunch or evening meal; combining your food with the omega oil can encourage both to work together to provide all the essential nutrients to the areas inside the body that need the fatty acids and proteins. Although, whilst it might be advised that you take omega-3 with a meal, there is no set rule on what time you have to take the supplements. You can take omega-3 any time in the morning, with a meal or before bed;  the choice is what works best for you. That being said, if you are worried about an aftertaste lingering all-day long or acid reflux keeping you up at night; it might be worth splitting up your supplements if safe to do so. If you take two omega-3 supplements a day to make up your entire intake then one in the morning and one at night might help reduce minor side effects like fishy aftertaste, bad breath or gastrointestinal issues. A fishy aftertaste can occur both when you take omega-3 in the morning or at night, so this is something to remember and be aware of if you're going to take omega-3 on its own and not with a meal. Eating a meal can help tame an aftertaste and mask or eliminate it which is another reason why eating omega-3 with a meal is preferred as well as advised! 

When is the best time to take omega-6 supplements?

Omega-6 supplements do not usually tend to have a fishy or unpleasant aftertaste, mostly due to the fact they are usually made out of vegetable or seed oils; therefore if you wanted to take it early morning then you can do so without worrying about a fishy aftertaste lingering or causing fishy breath. Again, it is advised that you take omega-6 supplements and oils with food - just before or after your lunch or evening meal. The reasons for this are the same as those for taking omega-3 with food or after a meal; as doing so can improve how well the body absorbs all the nutrients from the omega oil. After all, both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids must be consumed, via food sources or supplements, as the body cannot make the fatty acids on its own. Although, the same cannot be said for omega-9…

What time of day do I take an omega-9 supplement?

If you are thinking about taking an isolated omega-9 supplement, to perhaps keep your intake balanced and regular, then once again you can take the supplement at any time of the day. First thing in the morning, with a meal or even before you go to sleep; there are no set rules on when to take omega-9 just like the other omega oils. Now, the only difference between omega-9 and omega-3 and 6 is that the body can make omega-9 on its own with other nutrients, making omega-9 non-essential to consume in supplement form. Although, if you are then the same thing applies here- you can take it with a meal to help the body break down the oil better there is no set time you can take omega-9. 

Can I take the omegas all together at the same time?

Many people opt for a tripler or combined omega-369 supplement which encapsulated a source of all three omega oils (made from fish oils, vegetable and seed oils). These are likely to require you to take one to two capsules to get the full dosage recommendation so in this case you would be safe taking all three omegas together combined into one supplement. If you have a separate omega-3 and omega-6 supplement then you should be able to take them both together safely (omega-9 is not essential after all) but again should be okay to all take together; just like a pre-combined triple omega. 

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