Can I Add Collagen To My Coffee?

Can I Add Collagen To My Coffee?

Is it ok to put collagen in my coffee?

You'll be pleased to know that collagen supplements can be safely added to your morning coffee, as brewing temperatures are usually below the point at which the collagen proteins break down. You can also add it to your morning MCT coffee too!

What is the best way to mix my collagen?

Thankfully, our Hydrolysed Collagen Powder quickly dissolves in cold and hot water leaving you with absolutely no lumps, clumps or residue in your food and drink! Making it is really easy to mix and can easily be added to your favourite morning coffee whether it be an iced macchiato, bulletproof coffee or even a frothy mocha! If you need some inspiration for your daily caffeine fix, take a look at our collagen coffee recipes found on our Instagram and Facebook page!

Does heat not damage a collagen supplement?

In short, the answer is simply no! The quality of your collagen supplement will not be affected when you add it to your hot drink. Water boils at approximately 100°, which is well below the temperature at which collagen Types 1 and 3 become unstable. Adding collagen increases the thickness and protein to your morning beverage, so If you’re looking for a low-carb or keto-friendly breakfast, our supplement is the perfect accompaniment to add to your morning routine!

Can I add collagen to my coffee when fasting?

For many people who want to enjoy the benefits to the skin, hair, and nail health from using our collagen supplement, adding a scoop of collagen to your coffee is a great way to incorporate some form of essential protein into our diet. Because a black coffee contains almost no calories, meaning it’s frequently enjoyed as a part of a fasting diet, but does collagen also have a place during the time when you’re not meant to eat?

Technically, any food, drink or supplement that has even a single calorie breaks a fast, which means that taking collagen with your coffee would too. Nevertheless, some individuals who practice a form of fasting allow themselves to a small number of calories, such as the four or five calories found in a cup of coffee. One scoop of our collagen powder generally has about 35 calories – still not many, but more than what would be in a cup of black coffee.

Theoretically, any food, drink or supplement that contains even a single calorie is enough to break a fast, so taking collagen would break a fast. However, most people who practice a form of fasting allow themselves just a tiny number of calories, such as the few calories in a cup of coffee, as long as the process of autophagy is not impacted. Autophagy is the process in which the body rids itself of damaged cells.

What are the benefits of taking collagen when fasting?

In addition to the autophagic effects of fasting, those who are using collagen during a fast will see other benefits as well! One of the greatest things about fasting is that fasting can help you consume less calories. For those who fast to accomplish fat loss, reducing your calorie intake is a  must and collagen can help with that!

Research has indicated that by consuming collagen, it can encourage to release the production of the hunger-curbing hormone, formally known as leptin. This hormone can make you feel fuller for longer. By adding a scoop of collagen to your morning coffee, you can reduce your appetite and make it easier to stick with your fast! So, in this manner, collagen supplements can potentially enhance your fast.

Obviously, that’s not the only benefit to using collagen, during a fast or otherwise. This key protein is what gives your skin its elasticity, and it’s used to help maintain the condition of your hair, nails, joints, and muscles.. Whatever your purpose for taking collagen, know that it’s almost certainly ok for most except those partaking in the strictest of fasts!