Does Collagen Make You Look Better?

Does Collagen Make You Look Better?

Collagen supplements and powders are very popular with many people looking for a natural method to help improve their skin texture, elasticity and even appearance in some cases. When we say the appearance of the skin, we are referring to adding radiance and hydration to the skin and slowing down the signs of ageing; reducing the look of wrinkles and lines. Many people have described high-quality collagen supplements as ‘anti-ageing’ as they have noticed tremendous results in their skin's appearance and overall health. Collagen supplements can help support your natural collagen production to ensure the skin stays firm, plump and hydrated; to avoid sagging, creasing or dryness. Whilst skin sagging, wrinkles and dryness do not mean that your skin necessary needs to look better, taking collagen can help keep the skin plump and hydrated which can delay premature ageing.

So, can collagen make you look better? Well, that depends on you - the individual considering collagen supplements! Collagen can help improve your skin's overall texture, health and in many cases appearance so you could say that it can aid in improving the skin and this might make you feel better about your skin…  

Does collagen give you glowing skin?

Different types of collagen supplements and powders on the market are sourced from different means; for instance, you can get marine or bovine collagen, both sourced from different animal groups. Therefore, the collagen types present in those collagen sources can differ. If you are looking for collagen that can give you the most benefits to your skin, then 100% pure Bovine Collagen Peptides are what you will want to look out for. This type of bovine collagen contains both type I and type III collagen that work the best together for your skin:

  • Type I makes up 90% of our skin, hair, nails, organs, bones and ligaments and supports healthy, youthful-looking skin! 
  • Type III is usually found with type I collagen, both similar and can also support skin!

Therefore, if you are looking for a collagen supplement that will be able to support the skin the best, then you will want to look for a bovine collagen peptide powder (preferably) due to it having two types of collagen for aiding in skin health! If you regularly take the recommended amount of daily collagen, then you should see the appearance of your skin change over time. It will not drastically alter your face's shape or structure but collagen can help improve skin’s elasticity and hydration; which can improve texture, fitness and ever radiance. Over time, your collagen will help support your skin, and if you are also ensuring you are doing what you can to look after it, your skin can have a better chance of restoring natural radiance. 

Can Marine collagen help your skin? 

If you do follow a pescetarian diet and bovine collagen is not suitable for your dietary needs, then you can consider taking marine collagen that does also contain the important type I collagen. Although, marine collagen does not typically contain that additional type III collagen, but instead type II which is more targeted towards helping support gut health and digestive issues. However, this does not mean that marine collagen is not worth considering, as it is still a very effective and reliable collagen source! Marine collagen can still help the body in ma ways as it is still a source of collagen that can be safely taken in powder or supplement form to increase our collagen levels. 

Does collagen slim your face?

We mentioned above that collagen is not linked to being able to drastically change your facial structure or shape but it may be able to help. Collagen can help improve skin elasticity which may contribute to a slimmer face. These changes are not always as noticeable as people may think as well as being down to collagen on its own. You might be making changes to sleep, diet and exercise along with taking collagen regularly which could be the root cause for your face to appear slimmer or firmer. Collagen is not always the only reason, but due to its ability to help improve skin texture and elasticity, you may experience some minor changes. For example, you may think your facial features look a little more defined around the cheekbone area or a reduced chin due to the skin tightening. 

Does collagen make you look younger?

One of the most important proteins inside our body is in fact collagen, as you may know. More specifically for the skin, it can help with elasticity, and texture as well as help with the structure of your skin! It cannot alter bone structure but if collagen can help increase skin elasticity then over time, so long as you are also caring for your skin correctly, your features may appear slightly more defined. Collagen can help give the skin structure and elasticity which is where the term ‘collagen boost’ comes from. Daily collagen supplements can help boost your skin's overall collagen levels or ensure that it’s preventing the protein from being completely absent inside the body; which can help your skin appear more youthful-looking! 

How long does it take for collagen to work on your face?

If you are taking a high-quality collagen powder, then you can expect to notice a difference in your skin's appearance and possibly even fitness as well as texture anywhere between 6-12 weeks! For optimal results for your skin, bovine collagen is recommended. Here at Wellgard, we have our very own best-selling collagen powder that is made from 100% Pure Bovine Collagen Peptide! We have read through hundreds of our happy customer reviews, many of them taking collagen for its skin-related benefits! 

If you would also like to read through our customer's own experiences with collagen and how it has helped them on their skin journey, then you can use the above link that will take you to our Gold Standard collagen powder. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our humbling reviews, customer stories and even more insight into beauty-related collagen!