Does Collagen Tighten Skin?

Does Collagen Tighten Skin?

Collagen supplements, including collagen powders, are believed to be able to help improve skin elasticity which in turn can help tighten the skin. Collagen can tighten the skin by improving and adding more elasticity to the skin to reduce the appearance of skin sagging. Many people account tighten and firmer skin to a youthful complexion therefore collagen supplements are a highly popular beauty supplement for many people looking to reduce physical signs of ageing. Not all collagen supplements are going to work as well as others, for instance, vegan blend collagen powders are not known to be as effective as bovine or marine collage as vegan-friendly blends do not have the essential types of collagen in their ‘makeup’. So, if you are intrigued to learn more about how collagen can help tighten the skin and which supplement works best, then we encourage you to continue reading. We will also be de-bunking a couple of myths about ‘anti-ageing’ and collagen; no supplement will reshape your face or prevent the signs of ageing! However, a collagen supplement can help keep vital protein levels high for an improved chance of youthful skin.

Do collagen supplements tighten the skin?

Yes, collagen supplements can help to tighten the skin as we mentioned above. Collagen powders and supplements can be highly beneficial for people looking to improve the elasticity of their skin; this could be the skin on the face and neck as well as on their hands. Skin can sag all over the body, but the facial area and hands are the areas we notice the most; therefore collagen is a popular beauty supplement to help tighten the skin in those more noticeable areas. It works by adding hydration as well as improving elasticity in the skin to help not only tighten the skin but also help keep it hydrated and supple. Dry skin can also age our complexion, which is another reason collagen is a popular supplement: it can hydrate the skin and help improve firmness! Although it's important to remember that collagen does not work overnight nor will it stop the skin completely from ageing! Collagen can help keep the skin plump and tight but will not stop natural signs of ageing all together but can only help improve the ‘state’ of your skin and support it. Collagen has its limitations but it does help just, as we said, not overnight… 

How long does it take collagen to tighten skin?

You can expect to see or notice visible results from daily collagen, regularly, in as little as eight weeks depending on the type of collagen you take and what you are taking it for. It will take at least eight weeks (give or take a week or so) before you notice any minor changes to your skin or physical appearance. You might see improvement in your skin's texture and overall hydration in just a few short weeks which could make your skin look more youthful and plump as dry skin can cause more wrinkles. If the skin is hydrated then it’s less likely to prematurely age with wrinkles; collagen can help boost hydration levels as well as work to tighten the skin which is another reason it’s a popular beauty supplement. To clarify, you can expect to wait at least eight weeks before your skin's elasticity is improved enough for you to notice or feel a considerable difference in its firmness as well as tightness. Improvement to the skin's texture might occur sooner, which will help improve the skin's overall elasticity and appearance over time. 

Which collagen is best for skin tightening?

There are a few different types of collagen on the market that are said to offer multiple beauty-related benefits but not all types of collagen are as effective as others for several reasons. There are so many types of collagen, based on where it can be sourced from, that knowing which one is the most beneficial can get confusing. The top two most popular collagen sources are…

  • Bovine Collagen 
  • Marine Collagen

There are more sources of collagen as well as man-made vegetarian and vegan-friendly blends (for those with deity restrictions) However if you are looking for the number one ‘best’ type of collagen all around which includes tightening the skin the Bovine collagen is your best chance! Why? 

Pure Bovine collagen contains Type I and Type III collagen, the main components of our skin, hair, nails, and so on. Therefore when both types are present together they make up over ninety percent of the collagen inside our body! The combination of Type I and III collagen (from the Bovine source) ensures that our skin has the best chance of improving its elasticity, appearance and hydration levels as well as working simultaneously to help improve nail and hair strength amongst its long list of benefits! 

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How much collagen does it take for tighter skin?

If you are now considering collagen as your next beauty supplement to help improve your skin's overall elasticity to keep it firm and tight (avoid skin sagging) then if you do opt for a bovine collagen powder you will only need a small amount each day! One or two scoops. Mixed into a glass of water, is all you need per day. It will take a few months before you begin to notice any lasting changes, but a spoonful or two is all you will need. Taking more than the recommended serving suggestion will not make the collagen more effective or force it to work quicker! Consuming too much collagen can cause minor side effects like bloating and diarrhoea so always stick to the recommended serving suggestions clearly stated on your supplements! 

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