How Long Does It Take Probiotics To Work For BV?

How Long Does It Take Probiotics To Work For BV?

We know that we can rely on probiotics to efficiently treat and prevent bacterial infections, like BV, but now it’s time to focus on how long it takes them to work! How long exactly can it take for probiotics to ease symptoms and clear up Bacterial Vaginosis? Well, they do not work overnight so an immediate clear-up of infection like BV is extremely unlikely but that doesn't mean they can't still work quickly. If you are considering probiotics to help support your intimate health or to treat symptoms of a bacterial infection then we highly recommend you read through today's post. We will begin with how long you can expect probiotics to take to cure BV and help you understand the reason for BV returning frequently; including how to stop chronic BV… 

How long do probiotics take to cure BV?

You can expect a probiotic to help manage symptoms and treat a bacterial infection within as little as two weeks. Now, this may take longer depending on the severity of your infection and symptoms. If you are experiencing burning, itchiness, and pain and you’ve noticed a change in your discharge; then these might be signs that your infection is more progressed and therefore may require longer to clear up. If you are experiencing these symptoms and they only seem to be getting more prominent, then you may also want to start a course of suitable antibiotics to take alongside your probiotics. The combination of the two may be able to help treat and manage your symptoms more efficiently as well as quicker. If your symptoms are very mild then a suitable probiotic may be all you need and work to rebalance vaginal bacteria and clear up your infection within the 2-week time frame. 

How do I fix BV right away?

The fastest way to fix or clear up BV symptoms and infection is to speak to your GP and get a prescription to treat your condition. A prescription could be in the form of oral antibiotics or even a treatment gel that can be applied directly to your vagina; to help rebalance bacteria and relieve any symptoms. This kind of treatment is likely to clear up your symptoms within a could of days; between 2 -3 days. This method of treatment might not be for everyone as some women might not want to talk about a bacterial infection therefore they opt for an easily accessible treatment online. Bacteria-balancing gels, creams and similar treatments can all be purchased online with needed to consult with a medical professional; but if your symptoms or infection are prominent or severe then you should seek professional medical advice. If you are experiencing very mild symptoms then a probiotic supplement may be all that is required. However, treating BV is only a part of the process as it is equally important to ensure you prevent future infections that could lead to you getting BV regularly. 

Here is what you might be doing that can cause a bacterial infection to become a persistent issue… 

Why do I get BV all the time?

If you are noticing that you are suffering from regular bacterial infections like BV or a yeast infection then the cause could be something you are doing unknowingly that negatively affects your overall vaginal health and off-balances both your pH and ‘good’ bacteria levels. 

Here are a few reasons that could be causing you to get BV or a similar infection frequently: 

  • Douching Products are linked to causing BV and making an infection worse or prolonged as these products can promote the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, thus leading to BV.
  • Sitting in sweaty or damp clothes - especially underwear- as it is a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and the more ‘bad’ bacteria in your vagina the higher your risk of a bacterial infection. 
  • Not finishing previous treatments or not supporting your vaginal health after a break out is a common cause for another infection to arise as the vagina could easily go back to its (unhealthy) state.

Many women forget that the vagina needs to be supported long after an infection appears to have cleared up as what you may be doing during your daily life could be upsetting the balance of bacteria thus increasing your chances of chronic BV! The best way to limit your chances of chronic infections is to make sure a previous infection is completely cleared up and then continuously support your vaginal health. One of the best ways of doing so, as well as making sure you remember all the above, are women's probiotics rich in various Lactobacillus bacteria! 

How do I stop chronic BV?

If you are getting chronic BV then you might want to look at how you are supporting your vaginal and intimate health; see if there is anything that you could be doing to help maintain a healthy pH and promote healthy bacteria growth. Something as simple as changing a few of your habits towards your intimate hygiene can make all the difference! If you are overloading your intimate area with scented, fragrances or harsh products then maybe it’s time to stop and allow your vagina to clean itself (it’s best to). What's more, if you are regularly active, wear tight-fitting clothes or sweat a lot then these might also be areas to think about; as damp and sweaty environments allow ‘bad’ bacteria to grow and multiply. The same with your diet the more sugar and fatty foods you consume- the more you could be contributing to an unhealthy or unbalanced pH; another factor that could contribute to chronic BV! Taking a daily probiotic can also be a great remedy to prevent chronic BV as it is a natural source of important bacteria that can help keep your pH balance, limit the risks of ‘bad’ bacteria causing future infections, and support your vaginal health overall! 

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