How Long Does It Take To See Results With Collagen?

How Long Does It Take To See Results With Collagen?

Collagen supplements can be highly beneficial for your health for many reasons, although they will not work overnight! It will take some time to notice any results or good side effects from taking regular collagen, but no supplement can work magic overnight. Even though collagen's benefits are not going to be noticeable overnight, they do still work very effectively as just a manner of just a few short weeks can begin to cause positive changes to your overall appearance as well as internal health. In today's post, we will be breaking down the tell signs that your collagen supplements are working as well as how long results can take both externally to notice vs internally… 

How do you know if collagen is working?

If you have been taking collagen daily for less than a month (under four weeks), you may not yet experience any differences or notice any changes. This does not mean that your collagen supplements are not working; they just need more time. After taking collagen supplements daily for over six weeks you should typically begin to notice several visible changes to your appearance and potentially your hair and nails! This amount of time-lapse can also begin your body's natural process of repairing and improving your internal joints and supporting muscles. Therefore, if after at least six weeks you are not seeing or feeling any difference in your appearance or health then your collagen supplements may not be effective. This could be down to not taking the correct dosage, or if your collagen supplements are not 100% pure. 

If you are looking for a reliable collagen supplement then here at Wellgard we have our very own 100% Pure Bovine Collagen Peptide Powder that can begin working within just 6-12 weeks! We encourage collagen newbies to read through our tremendous customer reviews and feedback to see their personal stories with their collagen powder and how it’s been able to help them!

How long does collagen take to tighten skin?

One of the main reasons people, especially women, decide to take collagen regularly is to help with overall skin maintenance and health. This includes reducing the signs of ageing, adding hydration back into the skin so it appears less dry, boosting the skin's natural radiance to avoid dullness and even helping improve the elasticity of the skin by making it firmer; to combat sagging. Collagen can help improve skin elasticity to keep it subtle and tight; loose skin can make your skin appear aged which is a big reason many people like to supplement collagen. Whilst there is nothing wrong with ageing, it doesn't mean you can't take collagen, if you want, to keep the skin tightened and youthful-looking! If this is your main reason for taking collagen then you can expect the skin elasticity, hydration and density to improve between 6 - 12 weeks of regular collagen supplement consumption. Firm and supple skin can also help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and creases; which is believed to be achievable if you take the recommended amount of collagen daily; hydrolyzed collagen is believed to offer the best skin benefits results! 

How long does collagen take to help with hair growth?

High-quality collagen supplements will need more time to help with hair growth and improve hair follicle health; largely because the hair-growing process can take a significant amount of time without collagen. Therefore, if you are looking for a supplement to help with hair growth, strength and even appearance you can still expect results with collagen but the process is expected to take between 3-6 months! In the scope of it, this is not a very long time for hair growth, as collagen will also ensure the hair that is growing is both stronger as well as less prone to breakage. Healthier and stronger hair as well as long; therefore 3 - 6 months is a reasonable time frame. 

How long does it take collagen to repair muscle?

If your reasons for taking collagen are less about appearance and more focused on muscle recovery and restrengthening, then, believe it or not, it can also work pretty quickly. However, results do depend on your activity levels, for instance, if collagen can work within as little as 12 weeks for muscle mass and strength; that means three months of combined resistance training is also essential. The muscles cannot repair or strengthen completely with collagen alone in that amount of time! Results of this nature do heavily depend on your activity levels! Collagen could aid the repair and strengthening of your muscles in less or more time as it can vary heavily on your own muscle goals and activity levels.

However, it is important to remember that if you do begin to notice positive changes and improvement in your body; you continue taking your collagen supplements! Once you stop taking them the results or benefits will slowly diminish and eventually will stop entirely. Collagen is not a supplement that can be taken until you notice changes and then stop; that's not going to make the collagen effective for medium- or long-term benefits, let alone short-term! Collagen is a supplement you would need to take daily to ensure you maintain a regular supply throughout the entire body as that is the best way to ensure collagen will work for your body and needs! 

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