Is It Harmful To Take Collagen Everyday?

Is It Harmful To Take Collagen Everyday?

No supplement, no matter how natural and how it’s been sourced, is entirely risk-free or safe; that includes collagen supplements. However, if taken correctly and not over-consumed, collagen supplements can be very effective with little risk involved! The main issues, if any, that may occasionally occur depend on how your body accepts and processes the additional collagen. After all, we do naturally create collagen inside our bodies as it’s needed for the body to remain strong and healthy. Therefore, the only real known risks that can lead people to believe collagen is harmful is to do with how they might have reacted to overconsuming the supplement or if it triggered an allergic reaction. Minor side effects, when you first begin taking collagen powder, can be common but again are not believed to be harmful in the majority of instances. High-quality collagen is highly unlikely to cause you any harm, perhaps just a little discomfort, while the body tries to ‘accept’ the additional protein. So, we’ve been able to determine that collagen, when taken safely, is not considered harmful. It may trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals as well as minor side effects. Although, the question now is can it become harmful if you take collagen every day for a long period? Let’s explore that…

What happens if you take collagen every day?

If you are taking the recommended amount of collagen per day, 2.5 - 13 grams, then it’s unlikely that you will experience any adverse effects that could result in major harm to your body! Taking the recommended amount of collagen every day should begin to help strengthen and repair your body from the inside out; over time. Collagen is not a quick fix by any means; it can take up to several weeks before you feel or notice any difference. This can be a reason why some individuals decide to increase their dosage way beyond the recommended amount; this is not advised and could be harmful if done so consistently! 

What are the adverse side effects of taking collagen?

Having too much collagen powder or too many supplements is not safe and or recommended! The body can already, potentially, feel the side effects of collagen supplements entering the body in the beginning. The body can find it difficult to accept and therefore process the newly added source of collagen right away, which can lead to several minor side effects. The side effects of taking collagen, in the beginning, should only last a couple of days and not be too uncomfortable. However, the body might have a prolonged adverse side effect on the collagen if over-consumed consistently. The minor side effects that can be expected in the beginning can range from mild stomach discomfort to gastrointestinal issues and even temporary changes to bowel movement. Now, whilst these minor side effects can be manageable and very mild in the beginning, you can expect these adverse effects to persist if you are not taking your collagen supplements correctly! 

  • Taking too much collagen, continuously, might not be considered ‘harmful’ at first glance but the daily stomach, gastrointestinal and bowel discomfort can become both unpleasant and painful!

Therefore, the only real adverse side effects that are, often, associated with taking collagen mostly relate to the minor side effects one can experience early on which is normal. On the other hand, should you decide to take too much collagen over a longer time, then you are putting your body at risk of persistent discomfort. To avoid long-term side effects, be sure to take the recommended collagen dosage, per day, only! 

How long can collagen-related side effects last?

Side effects from collagen that are associated with early use of collagen supplements or powders, being added to your daily diet, should not persist longer than a couple of days. Upto or around a week maximum. If side effects, like stomach discomfort or heartburn, last longer than a couple of days you might want to check in with your GP or doctor to ensure that your chosen collagen supplements are right for you and your needs. Any adverse side effects that seem to come and go might also be worth discussing with your doctor to ensure that your body is not reacting for any other reason. Although this is highly unlikely to occur if the collagen is being taken correctly and not over-consumed. 

Can I take collagen long-term?

To experience the full benefits that high-quality collagen powder and supplements can offer, will require you to take collagen for a significant period. It can take the better half of at least a year for your body to be processing and break down the essential amino acids to help in the following ways: 

  • Strengthening and conditioning 
  • Repairing and supporting 
  • Revitalising and hydrating 

If you would like a breakdown of how long all of the believed benefits of collagen supplements can take to occur then you can click on the following link that’ll take you to our post titled "What can I notice after taking collagen?" This blog post goes into depth on how long you would need to be taking collagen to experience its full benefits. The time it takes for collagen to work can be a suitable basis for understanding how long you may need to talk collagen; medium to long term is generally advised. 

Do I need to take a break from collagen?

When you begin taking either collagen powder or supplements, there is nothing to say that you have to take them indefinitely, even though you could if you wanted to. However, if you are taking collagen due to your body no longer producing it naturally, then stopping your supplements will likely cause a collagen deficiency that can have adverse effects on your health.

If you require any additional support regarding the topic of collagen supplements and how to ensure you are taking them safely for optimal effectiveness, then we hope our Health Insider Blog can help. Our blog has covered the topic of collagen in great depth, everything from its benefits to uncommon side effects. Remember, if you still have any questions, you can send us a DM on Instagram where we aim to get to you as soon as possible!