What Can I Notice After Taking Collagen?

What Can I Notice After Taking Collagen?

If you have been taking, high-quality, collagen powder or supplements for at least a few weeks then chances are you will soon be able to notice their benefits taking shape. The first signs that collagen is working can be noticed when you look at your skin; regular collagen can begin to improve the skin's overall elasticity and improve hydration levels after (at least) six weeks. For prolonged or more prominent improvements to both your appearance as well as your internal health, you will have to wait at least a few months. It is advised to take collagen for at least 6 -12 months to be able to allow the body a sufficient amount of time to take in and benefit from all the goodness that collagen has to offer. Some variables can affect the effectiveness as well as the time frame of collagen; the main factors being the type of collagen you are taking as well as how much your body needs the proteins and amino acids from the collagen (to help repair the body). You can benefit from either bovine collagen or marine collagen, although pure Bovine collagen is believed to be the most effective overall and therefore more popular amongst individuals. 

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What can I notice after taking collagen?

As we previously mentioned, the first visible signs that you are likely to notice first, after taking collagen, are going to be concerning your skin. Your skin, as well as your nails and hair, can all improve within just 3-6 months of regular collagen use. These are considered the most notable signs that the collagen supplement is working although you might feel different internally before or during this period. You may experience an improved sleeping pattern, that then contributes to more energy for workouts, exercise and daily life. In addition, if your bones or joints used to feel a little stiff and affect your mobility and activity levels; then collagen can also help rebuild their strength as well as strengthen the surrounding muscle and connective tissue. Now you may not visibly notice all of these benefits but you should be able to notice them in the sense that you feel your body is stronger and that you do not have the same joint or muscle pain you might have had previously to taking collagen supplements. 

How do you know if collagen is working?

Collagen is not known to cause side effects, early on, for the majority of individuals and therefore the absence of ‘anything’ feeling different (when you begin taking collagen) can confuse some people to believe it’s not ‘working’. Rest assured that not feeling any difference early on can be normal and whether or not you do experience any minor side effects (or not) does not reflect the effectiveness of the collagen! That being said, if you have been taking collagen for at least 6 weeks then you should likely start to notice a few changes; these can be the first signs that the collagen supplement is working. Those early signs, that collagen is working, could be… 

  • Less hair breakage and improved strength
  • Reduced appearance of fine or prominent lines as well as wrinkles
  • Improved skin hydration and moisture (retention)
  • Improvement of joint movements (less cracking, sticking or clicking sounds when moving)

These are the most common signs that your collagen powder or supplements are working. Now they will take time, as collagen is not an overnight fix or miracle worker. However, if you are daily the recommended amount of college per day and ensuring you are doing your best to support the collagen by looking after yourself and your body then the collagen will be working. 

How quickly do you see results from collagen?

We have seen this question being asked in abundance online as there can be conflicting data and research on this topic. Why? Well, that's down to everyone's body being different! Some people will need collagen to work harder than others based on their health. This is normal as one supplement will not work the same for everyone based on the biggest variable being the individual's body. Therefore the ‘time frames’ given are based on averages from tests and findings. Those averages time - frames (based on results) are the following: 

  • For muscle recovery and restrengthening (based on activity levels) at least 12 weeks 
  • For improved skin elasticity, hydration and density 6 - 12 weeks
  • For hair growth, strength and improved appearance (shine) minimum of 3 - 6 months
  • For joint health and support 4 - 6 months
  • Tendon support as well as strengthening 3 - 6 months
  • To improve bone density it’s at least 12 months 

Some of these time frames might differ from person to person and might even be slightly different based on where you source your data. To know exactly how long collagen supplements can take to improve our appearance and bodies' health are still a little unclear based on how the individual's body will take in and ‘use’ the collagen. So if you do take a little longer than above, that could also be normal just make sure to take note of when you started taking collagen. Again, please remember that the above time frames should be considered a guide and not a guarantee! Your body may need longer to use the collagen for lasting improvements.

If you ever need additional support or information about collagen supplements including what they can do for the body and how long you can expect to wait until you notice any differences; be sure to check out the Health Insider Blog. Our blog is full of collagen-related posts. You can bookmark our blog to help you find it easily. If you still need further assistance with a question, send us a DM on Instagram and we will help you with any collagen questions you may still have.