Is Shiitake A Psychedelic?

Is Shiitake A Psychedelic?

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding medicinal mushrooms is that they are commonly believed to also be a form of psychedelics; commonly referred to as magic mushrooms. Now, whilst shiitake mushrooms might be said to have magical health benefits, they are not magic mushrooms! Therefore they are not going to cause you to experience any hallucinations or drug-induced trips. If you think about it shiitake mushrooms can be brought from the vast majority of supermarkets therefore how could they be psychedelics? Supermarkets like Sainsbury's or Lidi will not sell magic mushrooms that can cause trips or hallucinations when consumed. The only potential side effects, from shiitake mushrooms, that you may experience are linked to allergies or stomach upset and discomfort should you eat too many (frequently). 

Is shiitake a psychedelic?

To clarify, shiitake mushrooms are not magic or psychedelics! Shiitake mushrooms are not believed to contain any compounds or drugs that can affect your mind; causing hallucinations or trips. Once again, shiitake mushrooms are not psychedelics as they do not contain psilocin or anything that can have a similar effect on the body. You can buy shiitake mushrooms from supermarkets, so if you think about it how could they be psychedelics? We advise that if you ever do consider buying shiitake mushrooms you buy them from a reliable supermarket or online retailer. What's more, if you are going to consume shiitake, make sure they are cooked thoroughly and in moderation. Only 3-8 mushrooms are all you should have (as the maximum) per serving! Overeating shiitake is not going to induce any hallucinations or trips but they can cause you mild to severe stomach upset! Therefore, buy your shiitakes from a reliable source, (like a supermarket), cook the before consumption and limit your potion per day! That way you can enjoy shiitake safely. 

Can you eat an entire shiitake mushroom?

Shiitake mushrooms are commonly sold ‘as they are’, meaning their stems are usually still attached to the shiitake mushroom head. The stems of the shiitake mushrooms are edible and not poisonous; although not everyone likes to eat them. The same can be said for the majority of common mushrooms(like button, portobello or oyster mushrooms), the steams are usually safe to eat but can be quite unpleasant in regards to taste. Therefore, discarding the stem is common as they can taste woodsy and bitter. They can also be very chewy to eat as well as quite fibrous. So, whilst you could cook them whole - with their stems - their flavour is strong and might not be up to your taste. The shiitake mushroom head is ‘made’ to be eaten (when cooked) so it’s likely that the head tastes different to the stem; another reason you might want to discard the stem. To clarify, yes you can eat the entire shiitake mushroom - when cooked- although the stem is usually discarded due to its strong and unpleasant taste as well as chewy texture. It’s all your choice, you may find the shiitake stem tasty and make mushroom soup or cook the whole into a stir-fry; choice is yours. The only real rule when it comes to preparing to eat shiitake mushrooms is that you cook them thoroughly and limit your servings (previously mentioned at 3-8 mushrooms a day).

Will eating a raw shiitake cause you to trip?

If you are looking for a mushroom that you can eat to induce some level of hallucination or ‘trip’ then shiitake mushrooms will NOT do either of those things. Even if they are consumed raw; they are not going to make you high or cause any psychedelic effects. However, eating shiitake mushrooms raw can cause your body to react as a side effect of not cooking the mushroom first. Raw or undercooked shiitake mushrooms can cause toxin flagellate dermatitis, a skin condition that can cover the entire body and face. This type of skin irritation can cause severe itching and can even last for up to 2-3 weeks ( in more severe cases). Consuming raw or undercooked mushrooms might not, initially, seem dangerous but they can be; the fact that improperly cooked mushrooms can cause severe skin irritation shows just how important it is not to eat them raw or undercooked! So, no you will not ‘trip’ from raw mushrooms but you can put yourself at risk of getting toxin flagellate dermatitis! 

Do shiitake mushrooms contain psilocin?

Once again to ensure there is no confusion, shiitake mushrooms are not going to cause you to trip, experience hallucinations or trigger any psychedelic side effects! That same understanding applies whether the shiitake mushrooms are raw, undercooked or cooked thoroughly! Shiitake mushrooms do not contain any compounds that can affect or alter your mindset to the point where you are tripping or hallucinating. Shiitake do NOT contain psilocin or anything that can cause a similar effect on the mind or body. They can be brought from the majority of supermarkets next to all the other common types of mushrooms; therefore when you consider the topic - how could they be psychedelics or contain any compounds that could alter the mind? Shiitake are not a part of the ‘magic mushroom’ group therefore you can feel rest assured knowing that you can safely eat your cooked shiitake without having to worry about any unpleasant side effects like hallucinations or ‘trips’. Just remember to be mindful of how you prepare them - make sure they are cooked all the way through- and limit your serving per day to between 3-8 maximum!

That's it for today's post, we hope you have found it both interesting and informative. To clarify shiitake mushroom is not magic mushroom that will cause hallucinations or psychedelic trips; for starts, they do not contain psilocin! Therefore you can safely add shiitake mushrooms into your daily diet without worrying about it being psychedelic. It’s just a mushroom- one you can buy from a supermarket is highly unlikely to cause you any issues! If you still have questions about shiitake mushrooms then you can check out our other Health Insider Blog posts for more information. Alternatively, you can send our team a DM on Instagram who will personally handle your request!