What Are 3 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Bones?

What Are 3 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Bones?

Your bone health is a vital part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The number of vitamins and minerals we have naturally occurring in our bodies can alter dramatically throughout the day. This is something we often feel we can’t really keep on top of, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

Today we plan to investigate further and find out what are the 3 things you can use to strengthen your bones. So, stick around if you want to learn more about maintaining healthy bones, and how easy it is. We have already shared with you some information about the three important things needed for bone health, so don’t forget to check that out.

What should I take for bone strength?

There are several different habits, swaps, and changes you can make in your everyday routine that will benefit your bones and improve their overall health. Here are some examples of the most common and easiest habits to adopt. 

  1. Ensure your diet includes a lot of vegetables

This is something that everyone’s diet should include, especially for making your bones healthy. Vegetables contain high levels of vitamin C which not only contains antioxidants, but also stimulates the cells used for producing new bone density.

Many studies have shown that including high volumes of leafy greens in your diet will keep your bone mass at its healthiest state. You will also find that some concerns with osteoporosis, the disease known for causing brittle bones, can be treated with increased amounts of vegetables in your diet. 

  1. Get enough vitamin D everyday

You may think of sunlight when you hear the words vitamin D, which is obviously the easiest way of getting your daily intake of vitamin D. The downside is having to rely on the sun to be shining to benefit this way. Having a vitamin D deviancy is a common concern, this is when supplements come into place as well as foods containing high volumes of vitamin D, such as fatty fish, liver, and certain cheeses.

The reason it’s important to get enough vitamin D is because without vitamin D, the body is unable to absorb calcium which is one of the main essentials for bone health and strength. 

  1. Consume high-calcium foods everyday

Calcium is the most important mineral needed for bone health. The trouble is the amount of calcium absorbed by the body can vary a great deal depending on several factors. One of them being how the body is unable to absorb large amounts of calcium in one go. Therefore, it is important to consume meals and snacks rich in calcium throughout the day, as smaller amounts of calcium are easily absorbed.

Dairy is historically known for being the main food group to provide the most calcium. In more recent years however there are a vast selection of alternative foods available. This ensures that everyone, including those who follow a vegan diet can reap the rewards and get the correct amounts of calcium.

  1. Get enough vitamin K

I wouldn’t blame you for never hearing of vitamin K before, but it is a vital vitamin to support the bone health by providing enough protein to help prevent any calcium and minerals lost as the bones age and breakdown. You will find that vitamin K is present in food such as eggs, liver, and fermented cheeses. For a vegetarian and vegan option, sauerkraut and soybeans are also a rich source of vitamin K and can be easily introduced into your everyday routine. If you find eating these foods to be too difficult, there are many supplements available in different forms, from capsules to powder all of which are proven to improve bone strength and health.

  1. Ensure you consume enough protein

Calcium and protein go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining bone health. It is important to remember that the structure of bones consist of 50% protein and the rest is calcium and other vital minerals. By consuming the right amount of protein, you will find that calcium is absorbed effectively, eating too many high protein foods and meals will have a reverse effect and will decrease the amount of calcium absorbed by the body. In fact, you will find it the lack of calcium will increase the acidity of the blood which is a result of too much protein in your everyday diet. If you ever have any concerns with your protein intake, I suggest visiting a doctor or medical professional to ensure you are giving your body the best chances of remaining healthy.

  1. Introduce a collagen supplement

Collagen is naturally occurring in the body and contains an impressive number of amino acids, proline, and lysine. All of which are vital for building bones, muscles, and ligaments. There has been an increased number of studies demonstrating how introducing a collagen supplement, be in capsule or powder form, will help preserve bone health and reduce in the breakdown of bones. This is something significantly important to those who suffer from joint conditions such as arthritis. A daily dosage of collagen will relieve joint pain and improve the overall health and strength of your bones.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy and balanced diet, with daily source of exercise is not only beneficial for the mind and soul, but your bone density is also supported. For those who are underweight or overweight will find that the bone mass and density is altered meaning your overall health and wellbeing is affected as help as the health and strength of your bones too. If you are wanting to loss or gain weight you can do so if it is done correctly with the guidance of a professional. Once you have found your ideal weight it is best to stick to it as yo-yoing will only weaken the bones and lead to a number of concerns, from joint pain to frequent breaks and fractures.

As you can see there are a great deal more than three things you needed to know about strengthening your bones. This was done with the purpose of allowing you to choose which option is best suited for you and your lifestyle. Don’t forget if you have any questions, come, and find one of our health experts in the direct messages on Instagram.