What Are The Dangers of Omega-6?

What Are The Dangers of Omega-6?

Recently on the Health Insiders Blog, we have gone into great depth surrounding the topic of both omega-3 and omega-9; now it’s time to turn the attention to the third type which is omega-6. Individually, the three types of omegas are not as common as supplements, whereas a combination of the three omega-3,6 and 9 are! Triple omega supplements are popular among individuals looking to add various fatty acids into their daily diet to help support their overall health; including brain, heart, immunity and inflammation. Even though omega supplements are increasingly popular and generally deemed safe, that does not mean they are completely risk-free. Believe it or not, overconsuming any supplement can have adverse effects on our health; omega-6 is no different. There is even a small group of individuals who are strongly advised against taking omega-6 supplements as high consumption of omega-6 fatty acids can put diabetics at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure. And that’s not all…

Is omega-6 harmful to the body?

Generally speaking, omega-3,6 and 9 are not commonly known to cause any risks or be harmful to the body however there are a few expectations in which omega-6 may have an adviser effect on a person's health. No supplement, no matter how safe it is deemed to be, is going to be one hundred percent safe for everyone; even omega-6! That is one reason why it’s always advised to speak to your health care professional, GP or doctor before you begin taking any new supplement. As we said, omega-6 will not be suitable for everyone. If you suffer from diabetes, for instance, taking high omega-6 fatty acids could increase your risk of high blood pressure! There have also been instances, that have reported, that a high intake of omega-6 could have caused inflammation. However, many individuals believe to experience anti-inflammatory properties when they took omega-6; which further supports the notion that omega-6 might not be for everyone. It’s highly unlikely that an omega-6 or a combined 3,6 &9 supplement is going to cause you any inflammatory or blood pressure-related issues - in more cases; however, it is always worth considering. Don't let any of the above put you off omega-6 though as there are still astounding benefits to taking the supplement daily; so long as it’s been advised, by your doctor, as a safe supplement for you and your needs. After all, there is much to suggest that omega-6 fatty acids may be capable of reducing your risk of heart disease or stroke. So, to clarify, no supplement will be for everyone, including omega-6. However, adverse side effects or reactions are not common so long as your omega-6 supplements…

  • Never exceed the daily recommended dosage
  • They have been advised to you prior by your doctor or GP
  • Avoid omega-6 if you are diabetic, suffer from bleeding or blood pressure related condition
  • You seek medical advice if you do experience any adverse effects.

What are the effects of too much omega-6?

Consuming too much of any supplement, including omega-6, is not healthy or safe! There are a few reasons for this largely due to how they can affect our metabolism and immune system. Too many omega-6 fatty acids can hurt our natural metabolism of omega-3 (how the body breaks it down and converts the fatty acids to improve our health) and therefore can induce inflammation inside the body. Your body has an anti-inflammatory system that can be slowed down when interrupted by too much omega-6. If too much omega-6 does induce more inflammation then that can result in several health issues. Everything from an increase in cholesterol to raised blood pressure can even put you at risk of heart problems. Therefore, taking the recommended daily amount of omega-6 is essential to ensure that you are not affecting your body's natural anti-inflammatory properties. But how much omega-6 is too much?..

How much omega-6 is healthy?

The recommended daily amount of omega-6 supplements do vary slightly but it’s generally advised to keep daily consumption moderate; enough for the body to benefit from the essential fatty acids but not overconsuming it so that it can have adverse effects on the body! There are some sources online that say a healthy amount of omega-6 is anywhere between 11 grams to 22 grams omega-6 per day. Whereas other online sources believe that is a more accurate dosage recommendation of the following:

  • Males between 19-50 years old are advised to take just 17 grams per day of omega-6
  • Females of the same age are only advised to take 12 grams of omega-6 daily.

Omega-6 fatty acids are believed to be able to help in several ways, which we have previously discussed, everything from supporting cell function throughout the body to regulating metabolism. Therefore it’s important to make sure you obtain the right balance of omega-6 to ensure your body is getting enough but also not too much! So, to clarify one last time today, omega-6 is generally considered a very safe and essential source of fatty acids that can be highly beneficial for our body's metabolism and overall health. However, it’s important to make sure you get the appropriate medical advice first to ensure they are going to be right for you and your needs; not cause you any adverse effects based on any pre-existing health condition. Then, if you do begin taking omega-6, a safe and controlled dosage is also vital to avoid harmful side effects! 

If you need more information on the topic of Omega-3,6 or 9 then be sure to check out our Health Insider Blog where we have spent the last couple of posts going through each type in detail; including their benefits as well as vital information to know regarding potential side effects and dosages recommendations! We also plan to post more on the topic of omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids on our blog; so be sure to stay tuned. If you still need further assistance with a personal query, you can DM us on Instagram and we try to assist you further.