What probiotics make your vagina smell better?

What probiotics make your vagina smell better?

Intimate feminine odour is nothing to be embarrassed by as it’s normal for even a healthy vaginal to sometimes have a natural odour. Although, if you are conscious of your intimate odour and would like to see if any natural ways can help alter the smell of your vagina, you might want to consider focusing on your pH balance and vaginal flora. An intimate feminine odour could be perfectly normal and not be a sign of anything unhealthy regarding your intimate health and bacteria although it could also be triggered by a pH imbalance; which you will want to alter. An unbalanced pH can cause the vagina to be more acidic, which can increase your risk of BV, and yeast infections and also affect your vaginal scent or odour. If you suddenly notice a change in how your vagina smells, then your pH or intimate bacteria is likely to have caused it. Below, we will be exploiting the natural ways that can help your vagina smell ‘better’ as well as how to control your initiative health to ensure the odour is not going to trigger a further health complication down or line (if not already). Once again, we would like to say that vaginal odour is nothing to be embarrassed by and if your healthy vagina and smell are not something you want to change then you do not need it. Today's post is to shed light on how a sudden odour change or overly strong smell could have been triggered for a reason (a bacteria imbalance, a disruption to the vaginal flora or unbalanced pH) then it might want to be explored if due to one of those reasons. The objective is to keep the vagina healthy and in many cases a strong odour could be a signal to you that something is causing an off-balanced… 

Does pH balance affect my intimate odour?

If you have a slightly more acidic than neutral pH, then this could cause your intimate odour to change; becoming stronger or more acidic-smelling. Whilst a slightly off balance to your pH might could harmless to your intimate health; if it's left, it can trigger an increase of ‘harmful’ bacteria inside the vagina. An imbalance of intimate bacteria could cause or lead to a yeast infection or a Bacterial Vaginosis infection which would then need treatment to clear up as it should not be left untreated! So, to clarify, yes, pH balance can affect your intimate odour and signal to you that could trigger further intimate issues about the balance of bacteria. A recent blog post of ours titled: Why do I keep getting BV mentions how important it is to keep pH balanced as well as what you can do to keep your vaginal flora healthy! 

What probiotic is best for pH balance?

Now that you know how just how important it is to keep your pH balanced, believe it or not, it’s easy to maintain with just a simple probiotic supplement. Probiotics made from various Lactobacillus Bacteria strains are the type of probiotic supplements you will want to look out for if you decide to take a probiotic to rebalance your pH. In particular a shelf-stable probiotic rich in Lactobacillus Acidophilus is one of the best strains of bacteria for rebalancing your pH! We have our very own VITAFLORA probiotic formulated especially for women, which contains a combination of all the vital Lactobacillic bacteria, including L.Acidophilus! 

Can probiotics make your vagina smell better?

A probiotic supplement made of various Lactobacillus bacteria strains and species is known to be very helpful in reducing the odour of your vagina and ‘improving’ the smell should the odour be a little more prominent or acidic than you would like it to be. A high number of good bacteria in the body, through a probiotic supplement, can help balance the pH levels as well as keep your gut healthy; which could be two components of a healthier vagina and; therefore an improved smell. Typically a fishy-vaginal odour is a sign that you might be suffering from a bacterial infection like BV  whereas the other common odour from your vagina (yeast-scent) could be to do with yeast overgrowth. A change or prominent vaginal odour is usually a sign that something is off with your pH or bacteria and therefore a probiotic might be a suitable means of controlling the odour as well as making your vagina healthy again! So, to clarify if the smell of your vagina smells unpleasant (an acidic, fishy or yeast odour), you might want to see a GP to ensure you are not in the early stages of a yeast or BV infection. An intimate odour could be a sign that your pH needs rebalancing which can be done via probiotics. Probiotics can also help to support your overall intimate health which could in turn improve the overall odour of your vagina. 

Can I naturally improve my intimate odour?

Believe it or not, any scented or heavily fragranced products like intimate wipes, sprays and even soaps will not alter your vaginal smell long-term. They might contain an odour for a short period but these products can end up causing more harm to your vagina than good! Products like these, including douches, can all affect your natural pH as well as disrupt your bacteria; both could then trigger further issues for your vaginal health. Therefore, if you want to improve your intimate odour, you will want to focus on keeping the area healthy, clean, and dry. A daily probiotic, good daily hygiene (just a little soap and water) and not letting the vagina stay damp or sweaty by wearing more breathable fabrics can all help improve your intimate health. Keeping the vagina healthy can ensure that prominent vaginal odours are less likely to occur or not become a problem for you. Intimate odour is directly linked to intimate health; if the vagina is healthy and clean then your odour should be nothing to worry about!

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