Which Form Of Collagen Is Most Effective?

Which Form Of Collagen Is Most Effective?

If you are interested in taking collagen supplements now that you may have been reading through our blog posts and found out just how beneficial they can be for your health and well-being; now it’s time to consider what form of collagen supplements you are looking to buy. The most effective formation of collagen is believed to be in powdered form for its versatility and effectiveness. Powdered collagen has no taste therefore it can be added to any drink without the texture or taste being compromised, yet still be highly beneficial! However, the form of collagen supplement you chose is entirely up to you, as you may opt for capsules over powder. Although, we will be focusing today's post on the type of collagen supplement that is believed to be the most effective form of collagen which is powdered…

What kind of collagen absorbs the best?

Choosing the right supplements for you and your needs can be difficult in many cases, but when it comes to collagen the process can be quite straightforward. For instance, there are two popular types of collagen: Bovine - typically taken from animal hides and Marine Collagen sourced from fish; both can be highly beneficial for restoring and replenishing the vital collagen protein back in the body. However, it is believed that Bovine Collagen Peptides powder is the most effective as it has got all the essential nutritional ingredients that the body needs to help keep it protected, healthy and strong. A collagen peptide powder can be easily absorbed throughout the body as collagen peptides are small pieces of protein that are made up of shorter amino acid chains allowing for quicker absorption into the bloodstream.

The quicker the collagen can enter the body and then absorb into the bloodstream, the quicker it can take effect. A collagen peptide powder will absorb through the body much more quickly than a capsule can as the powder does not need to be broken down as much as a capsule; therefore saving time in the breaking down to absorption process. Not only can bovine collagen peptide powder be absorbed the best inside the body it can also be the strongest type of collagen. Quick absorption and ‘the best’ expected results… 

What type of collagen is the strongest?

There are three main types of collagen that all have different functions…

  • Type I - Most common type that makes up 90% of our hair, skin, nails, organs, bones & ligaments. 
  • Type II - Helps build cartilage, maintain gut health and support joint & digestive health. 
  • Type II - Found alongside Type I, supports skin and bone health. Also aids cardiovascular health!  

The strongest type, out of the three, is believed to be Type I as it has several benefits for the body both internally as well as being able to help support our hair, nails and skin health. If your top priorities for taking collagen are centred on skin benefits then type I collagen is going to be your go-to type of collagen. Type I collagen makes up more than 90% of our hair, skin and nails therefore  a deficiency can affect them in many ways: Here are some of the signs that you might need more type I collagen: 

  • Your nails are brittle, prone to breakage and slow to grow.
  • Your hair is prone to breakage, it’s very dry and lacks natural shine.
  • The skin might wrinkle, look aged in places, be less radiant and lose elasticity. 

Type I collagen can help replenish a collagen deficiency if your natural collagen protein is not producing as much as it needs to help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. Type I collagen can improve the appearance of the skin, and strengthen your nails as well as hair all within a matter of just 6 - 12 weeks. It doesn't end there, as type I collagen can help rebuild muscle as well as bone; which is pretty impressive! 

What collagen contains type I?

Bovine Collagen powder has a combination of both type I and type III collagen which means that it can offer the most all-around support for our: hair, skin, nails, organs, ligaments and bones! The reason why bovine collagen powder contains both type I and III is due to both types of collagen being found alongside each other even when the source of collagen is from animals to then turn into a safe supplement powder or capsule. Marine collagen, which comes from fish, contains type I and type II collagen and therefore is also considered a reliable source of collagen if a person needs to supplement more of the protein into their body. Marine collage is suitable for a pescetarian diet, which is one of the biggest pros for marine collagen, however, there is a strong belief that the most effective type of collagen is still in fact 100% pure bovine collagen peptides. That is because bovine collagen peptides, especially in powder form, contain type I collagen which not only has the most benefits to offer the body but can also be absorbed quickly for maximum efficiency!

What should I look for when buying collagen?

If you are now ready to buy your chosen collagen supplements, powder or capsules then here are a few things you may want to look out for to ensure you are getting the best collagen supplement for your money…

  • Look for 100% Pure Bovine Collagen Peptide powder for type I & III collagen
  • Be aware of any additional flavourings / unflavoured is best and most likely to be purest
  • Check if the bovine collagen is labelled as grass-fed to ensure the quality of collagen 
  • Marine collagen can a suitable alternative to bovine as it still contains type I & II collagen
  • The best source of collagen is through supplements of Bovine over Marine
  • Plant collagen cannot provide a source of collagen to the body it only aids natural collagen production 
If you decide it’s time to buy collagen supplements, the type of collagen you buy is entirely up to you! Although, if you would like more advice, check out our Health Insider Blog posts where we have many collagen-related topics. Plus, our very own 100% Pure Bovine Collagen Peptide Powder has hundreds of reviews that you might find helpful as there are many customer stories and their journey with collagen.