Will I feel different after taking probiotics?

Will I feel different after taking probiotics?

You can expect to feel different after you begin taking probiotic booths in the early stages and long term as you continue to take them. In the beginning, you might notice some minor side effects causing you to feel a little worse but once this pass (after a few days) you should begin to feel much better within just 1-2 short weeks. 

Do probiotics make you feel different?

Probiotic supplements are not for everyone as in some very rare cases they could trigger allergic reactions or increase the severity of your symptoms. These rare situations do not happen commonly but are always worth remembering; especially if you have been taking probiotics for a few weeks and you are feeling worse as opposed to any better! Regarding more common or likely scenarios, you might experience more gas, bloating or constipation when you first start taking probiotics but these side effects should not be persistent or last longer than a few days. When probiotics are working to help improve your health, you should begin to feel a noticeable improvement to your gut health; less bloating, significant reduction in abdominal pain and even feel less blocked up due to improved bowel movements! It depends on your body and gut microbiome to determine how long the results can take.

Do probiotics detox the body?

Detoxing can be a very broad term that can sometimes be mistaken for meaning something else. Consuming probiotics is not generally considered to be a detoxifying supplement in the ‘normal’ sense of the word but it can work similarly to a detoxifying supplement based on how it can help support the body. A probiotic can eliminate ‘harmful’ bacteria as well as increase levels of ‘good’ bacteria inside the gut microbiome; this could be considered similar to a detoxifying process as probiotics can relieve the body of a harmful substance (bacteria). Probiotics can support this rebalancing process as they can help improve your ability to absorb good nutrients from food and improve your number of ‘good’ bacteria. For these reasons, you could say that a probiotic can work similarly to a detoxifying supplement, but its effectiveness does depend on how well you are supporting your body. 

How should I feel after taking probiotics?

Once the initial few days have passed, when you may have experienced some minor side effects, you should begin to feel a difference within just a few short weeks. In the beginning, it can take some time for your gut microbiota to accept the changes your new supplement might bring. This can result in the bacteria producing more bloating and maybe even more gas than usual. Once these minor side effects have cleared up though you should start to notice any internal inflammation go down within just a few short weeks. Therefore, you should begin to feel any abdominal pain, bowel obstructions and bloating all reducing significantly as you continue to take your chosen probiotic supplement (once you’ve moved passed any initial side effects). If you do not begin to feel any improvements to your overall digestive or gut health within 1-2 weeks then this might just be a sign that your body needs slightly longer to process the probiotics; common if your gut needs more help than you initially thought. However, you should begin to feel any abdominal pain or pressure ease off within a few weeks! 

Can probiotics make you lose weight?

We have seen this question crop up time and time again online; which always bring with it a significant amount of confusion as the truth gets mixed up with misinformation. We have even gone into depth surrounding probiotics and weight on our blog before in our blog post titled What Does Probiotics Do For The Body? We recommend you read through that post for a more in-depth analysis of how probiotics can help with weight loss but to summarise, yes probiotics can help you lose weight but not on their own! Taking a daily probiotic will not cause you to lose weight entirely on its own. A probiotic can help you improve your overall digestive system which means that you can get more of the essential nutrients out of your food. However, if the food you are eating is not healthy or balanced, then there will be little to no good nutrients for the body to absorb. Healthy weight loss still required you to eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, manage your stress levels and of course be active. For those reasons we would have to say that whilst a probiotic cannot make you lose weight on its own, it can help you lose weight so long as you are being mindful of what you are eating and staying active. If you do see a probiotic that claims to be able to do all the work for you, regarding weight loss, then this is not going to be strictly accurate and you can revert to the above reasons why probiotics cannot be completely responsible for you losing weight. 

How long does it take a probiotic to work for anxiety? 

Some probiotics supplements are known to help improve moods like depression, stress and even anxiety as probiotics support gut-to-brain connection. This means that probiotics can help decrease brain inflammation and support the creation of neurotransmitters. This process is believed to help improve your mood. These effects of probiotics are known to occur within 4-8 weeks as it can take some time for the gut to be aligned with the brain to support neurotransmitters. Whilst probiotics are believed to help improve your mood, this is not the main reason that most people take probiotics, but is instead an additional benefit.

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