What Does Collagen Do For Your Bones?

What Does Collagen Do For Your Bones?

Collagen is a vital protein that your body relies heavily upon to ensure that it can stay resilient and strong; both internally and externally! When we grow out of our adolescence period and move further into adulthood, our natural collagen production begins to slow down; a collagen deficiency can be the cause of many severe health concerns! Our bodies already have to deal with getting older and changing as a result of those changes; for instance, our bones become less dense but more brittle as well as prone to breaking! What's more that can even take longer to heal as well as increase our recovery time. This is just one reason why supplementing collagen back into the body can be a good idea. It is highly beneficial to help support bone health as we age; when we need more support, our natural collagen supply is diminishing. Now we know that collagen is important for our bones, let’s explore how exactly collagen can improve our bones… 

Does collagen improve bones?

There have been many studies performed to evaluate the ability and effectiveness that collagen can have in improving bone mass, density and overall strength; results have been able to support the notion that collagen peptides can significantly increase the organic substance of our bones. Collagen can help make your bones denser, and less brittle as well as help the body rebuild and restore compromised bones. A daily collagen peptide supplement can help slow down the ageing process which can largely help support your bone health over a long period to help combat their deterioration due to ageing and diminishing levels of natural collagen. It’s not just our bones that collagen can support and strengthen inside our bodies; poor bone health will drastically impact our lives if not constantly supported. A significant lack of collagen can affect our bones in many ways, all negatively, so collagen supplements are worth considering if you are looking to improve your bone health. 

What does a lack of collagen do to the bones?

Collagen, as you may already know if you have read through our recent blog post titled Is It Good To Take Collagen Powder, is the most abundant protein in the body; a deficiency can lead to wrinkles, thinning hair, nails breakage and of course brittle bones! These are just a small number of the impacts that a collagen deficiency can have on our health and our body. A lack of collagen can be responsible for your bones not being strengthened and repaired; which is even more important to maintain as we age. Our bodies typically become more ‘delicate’ as our bones, joints and muscles can weaken over time therefore collagen production can become even more essential to keep up with our body. However, how can we ensure our body can handle and repair itself internally if our natural collagen only decreases with age? That is why collagen supplements can come in so handy, a collagen supplement can boost our natural collagen levels as well as replace it entirely if it is abundant. Although, as helpful as collagen supplements can be at replenishing the essential protein back into our bodies, calcium supplements can also be worth considering. 

Is collagen or calcium better for your bones?

If you are looking for a combination of supplements that you can take to help rebuild your bone strength as well as help keep them hard and healthy; then both collagen and calcium supplements are worth looking into. Calcium phosphate supplements can add strength back into the framework of our bones which can aid in preventing bone loss or damage. However, collagen supplements are known to have far more benefits for the body than calcium by themselves. Therefore, if you are considering calcium supplements, you might also want to consider taking collagen powder or supplements alongside calcium supplements as the body needs collagen to fully benefit from calcium. Collagen is needed for our bones to be able to take hold of calcium and use it properly; calcium will not be as effective without collagen! Collagen can ensure that the bones can capture the calcium phosphate to then be able to use it in strengthening repairing and restoring bone.

If you do not want to take a combination of both calcium and collagen supplements, then collagen is the one you should consider! It’s a reliable and safe supplement that can be taken daily and can begin to help to strengthen and support the body (internally and externally) within just a couple of months. Many results can be noticeable within just 6-12 weeks of daily collagen, so you might feel the benefits of collagen supplements sooner than expected. 

Which type of collagen is best for bones?

The most efficient type of collagen, that can help support your bones the best, is type I collagen. Type I collagen is a protein, that can help with the formation of bones, skin and even our connective tissue. This type of collagen comes from animals and is present inside our bodies before our natural collagen levels begin to dip. Type I collagen typically comes to form Bovine collagen that is sourced for animals, therefore not vegetarian friendly. Marine collagen, which is collagen sourced from fish, can also provide a suitable source of type I collagen; which is pescatarian-friendly. Here is Wellgard, we have our very Gold Standard 100% pure Bovine Collagen Peptides that is powder form to ensure aking for our collagen supplement is both easy to ingest as well as highly effective! 

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