When Should I Take Collagen?

When Should I Take Collagen?

When you decide to begin taking a new supplement powder, like collagen, it can lead you to have questions relating to when is the best time to take it, whether can it be taken on an empty stomach or before bed. All of these questions can stop you before you’ve even begun taking your collagen powder; which is why we aim to cover all of these common queries in today's blog post! We will go through the advised time of day to take your collagen supplements or powder and why both times of the day can have different benefits to the body. It is important to note that collagen is considered a very safe supplement with no reported risks to a person's health so long as they are being taken correctly and safely (just like any supplement should). If you have any food-related allergies, you may want to consult your GP to ensure your chosen collagen powder or supplement will not trigger a reaction. Other than in that rare circumstance, collagen is very safe to take and highly advised for its many health benefits…

To learn more about collagen powder benefits, you can read through our blog What Does Collagen Powder Actually Do? If you are now looking for further support on when you should take collagen, day or night, then we advise you read through to the end of today's post!

Can I take collagen first thing in the morning? 

Collagen supplements or powder can be taken in the morning or at night depending on your preference. Many people like to take collagen powder first thing in the morning, a spoonful mixed into a glass of water, as taking it at the beginning of the day can help improve your gut health and function. If you have digestive, gastrointestinal or gut issues (like bloating or inflammation), first thing in the morning might be the most optimal time for you to take collagen. If you have a busy morning routine, then do not worry as collagen powder can be added to your morning smoothie or mixed into your breakfast porridge for easy consumption. Plus, collagen is tasteless and can absorb in both hot and cold drinks; so it will not affect taste or texture! This way you can add your collagen powder to your morning routine with ease and minimal effort.  

Can I take collagen on an empty stomach?

You don't have to mix your collagen powder into your morning smoothies or breakfast porridge if you do not want to, as you can even take your collagen supplements as soon as you wake up; mixed into or taken with a glass of water. Collagen can be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before you start your busy day. A quick glass of water mixed with your collagen can help prompt your body to begin the day so that you can get on with the school runs, house chores or work commute. For early bird gym buffs, it can even be taken as a pre-work boost due to its natural amino acids being linked to improving energy and performance as well as aiding natural recovery! There are no strict rules regarding when you need to take collagen, but it is advised to keep it the same sort of time each day - to help create a routine; that could be first thing in the morning, during the afternoon or just before bed! 

Is it okay to take collagen before bed?

Collagen has a long list of benefits, and believe it or not but it may be able to have a positive effect on your sleep; due to collagen being naturally loaded with an essential amino acid called Glycerine. Glycerine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter which means that it can help calm down the central nervous system. When your central nervous system is calm, this can allow your body to feel more relaxed, unwind, and prepare for sleep. If you do find it difficult to sleep at night or struggle to relax before bedtime resulting in restless nights then you may benefit from taking collagen powder at night time instead of first thing in the morning. 

How long before bed can you take collagen? 

If you do decide to take collagen powder or supplements before bed, then you will want to ensure that you allow the body enough time to process the collagen before you do go to bed. The recommended about of time you should leave between taking collagen and lying down to go to bed is at least 30 minutes. You can simply mix a scoop of your collagen powder into a glass of water without having to worry about any gastrointestinal issues as the collagen peptides should absorb through the gastrointestinal tract with ease. Now, you may not get an improved night's sleep right away when you first begin taking collagen but that doesn't mean the supplement powder is not working on other areas of your body as collagen can benefit the entire body. It may take a short amount of time before you notice visible results, including being able to get a better night's sleep. 

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